15 thoughts on “USA: States Under risk of Hard Australian-like Lockdowns”

  1. hi Br


    March 24, 2021 – Message from St Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria

    “A new plague will come, bringing pain and fear along with it”

    latest[] January 10th 2022, 5:33 pm

    Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room where he warned about an “Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever” super virus coming out of Communist China that he believes could be caused by mutations arising from mass vaccination.

    # this has been rumour/hypothesised previously by certain medical experts previous to this date.


      1. I can hear the mental exhaustion in Bugnolo voice. I feel same. These tyrants are choosing their words and actions very carefully so as to come off as friends to humanity when in fact it’s the total opposite. The stupidity in humans is built in. They just can’t help themselves. Many will die from their trust and complacency they have put in the devil himself. I am not optimistic.

  2. finally someone blows the whistle on scam artist fake shill
    joe rogan! thank you. joe says there is a real Chinese virus
    that threatens us. he never exposes the fact the “vaccine”
    is a death injection. he give fake toxic “cures” for a virus that
    doesn’t exist.
    you can add zelenko, mc cullough, malone, simone gold,
    mercola, and a long list of others.

    1. You missed my interview with Dr. Zelenko, in which he admitted he does not know what is causing the syndrome, and in which he admitted that most of his patients had taken the winter flu Vax in 2019.

      1. Great insights. It sounds like he has other video, or audio, can you let us know who this is pleas?
        Thanks for sharing it

  3. Brother Bugnolo please give the link to the person’s website who is speaking if you have it.

    Thank you.

  4. This video/presentation was very refreshing, as this gentleman speaking is one of the very, very few who definitely GETS IT. It has been disturbing (to say the least) that the alleged “truth telling” physicians (except Zelenko) are operating under the FALSE premise that there IS a “sars cov-2” so-called “virus” — when we know that none has ever been isolated! So, these apparently good doctors are either very misled or are working for the enemy and their narrative.

    And, yes, if Northam in Virginia is clamping down — and re-deploying for additional evil purposes the now-prevalent globalist buzzword WEAPON known as “state of emergency” (that has “authorized” all of our totalitarian new normal) — then this is our signal that the globalists are beginning their next phase of their totalitarian agenda here in the USA. Other states will follow suit within a short amount of time, borders will indeed be closed, and the restrictions of our movement will be applied to increasingly smaller geographic areas until we can’t come out of our homes.

    Brother, can you please provide us with the original link to the above video and also tell us the name of this very awake gentleman. I for one would like to follow up on what else he is doing/saying. thank you!

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