Dr. Malone just let the Cat out of the bag on the Plandemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

First, listen to what Dr. Malone does and does not say, in this video, recording his reaction to the Project Veritas DoD document release about what Fauci was funding in Wuhan:


Now, my own video commentary, on the implications of what Dr. Malone just said:

And if you think, I am the only one who saw this, or that I am seeing things, then ask yourself why minutes ago, Twitter started sharing this trending story:

Project Veritas Exposes Fauci & Fauci replies

Then Fauci replied to this accusation in a Senate Hearing.

But at the end the chairwoman of the meeting stopped the exchange and recited the Covid Myth as the excuse.

Fauci referred to his exchange with Senator Ran Paul. Here is that:

Also, the implications of the Project Veritas expose, what are they?


Editor’s Note: At Wuhan, they were engineering a deadly spike protein. Dr. Malone’s stateement is therefore diversionary.  Also he fails to point out that the Wuhan Lab is part of the CCP Biowarfare program. So if he thinks that they were engineering a vaccine for Bats, while it was still dangerous to humans, he is lying. Because a man with his expertise should know, that the spike protein found in nature is NOT dangerous to humans. Only a gain-of-function variety, designed TO BE LETHAL to humans could do that. And there is NO REASON IN THE WORLD to put that in a vaccine for bats!  But by admitting they were working on a vaccine, he has inadvertently let the full truth out of the bag.