Dr. Malone just let the Cat out of the bag on the Plandemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

First, listen to what Dr. Malone does and does not say, in this video, recording his reaction to the Project Veritas DoD document release about what Fauci was funding in Wuhan:


Now, my own video commentary, on the implications of what Dr. Malone just said:

And if you think, I am the only one who saw this, or that I am seeing things, then ask yourself why minutes ago, Twitter started sharing this trending story:

UPDATE: Dec. 21, 2022

The original youtube video was removed, but it was saved in part in this video. Please note, that some have criticized me for saying “working on a vaccine”, because the Death Vaxx is not a vaccine. But I said, “vaccine”, rather than DeathVaxx because I wanted to avoid censorship on social media, and get the video out to more platforms. My analysis is just as valid, whatever term you want to call it, because you neither vaccinate or inoculate bats, using a spike protein designed to attach to human tissue.

I found a copy of the missing video on Bitchute:

https:// www.bitchute .com/ embed/BTAowozh03Cv/

UPDATE: Jan. 17, 2024

Again, the copy of the video was removed.

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78 thoughts on “Dr. Malone just let the Cat out of the bag on the Plandemic”

  1. A pandamic is a world wide epidemic.
    Just by looking on the street, you could see that there wasn’t an epidemic. Nowhere.
    So there never was a pandamic.
    That was it for me with the (useless) masks->(fake) tests->”vaccines” narative

    1. Malone..had followed 666 people on twitter. That’s the way it was ..he followed 666.. then stopped following, a long time ago.the

    2. 151,612 total covid deaths in just under 2 years in the U.K from 4 so-called waves.
      On a bad flu season we would get around 60,000 annual flu deaths.
      Draw your own conclusions about a ‘pandemic’.

  2. Fr. Bugnolo, have you seen Dr. Malone’s recent statements about hemorrhagic fever outbreak in China? What is going on in China is reminiscent of the early days of Covid plandemic in Wuhan. Beginning to look like plandemic No 2, especially with Winter Olympics coming up in China.

      1. Thanks. Hemorrhagic fever is genetically totally different. What they may be doing is releasing a deadly strain of something in a lab but I doubt they would do this, if they did not put it in vaccines, because they do not want to kill themselves, only their targeted victims. However, in Rev. 9, it does say GOD will send them a plague to punish those who have rejected Him.

      2. Only in so far as by destroying your natural immunity, you become susceptible to it… but most humans are susceptible to it even with a natural immune system…so I think it is infowars scare mongering….

      3. No, Hemorrhagic fever has totally unique symptoms than the effects of mRNA or graphene oxide. If they put marburg into vaccines, they will sure make sure not to send the wrong batches to the wrong people.

  3. Washington Post fact checker is a contradiction in terms.

    God is eternal truth. Liars always lose against God in the end.

  4. Malone knew this so did he really take the Moderna vaccine as he claimed in one interview? Doubtful.

  5. Dr . Malone: “They were engineering a virus to inoculate bats.”

    This doesn’t make any sense and raises more questions than it answers. The whole story is literally crazy batshit. It could be that Dr. Malone is also a liar, esp. taking into account his past with the CIA.

    I follow the arguments in your comments. But I don’t fully understand the conclusions. I don’t think they were working on a vaccine at all and surely not a vaccine for bats (if I understand the verb “to inoculate” properly). In my eyes they were using gain-of-function research to equip a relatively harmless virus with a poisonous, deadly spike protein for warfare purposes.

    The genome of the various strands of the Corona virus have been sequenced by various institutions. So I have little doubt the thing is real.

    1. It has not been sequenced. It is a genetic code read over the phone, created in a computer modeling program.

      1. I love your link. It says they isolated Sars Cov 2 from a sample taken in the USA in 2019, when it dies not exist nor was known to man. I think you have stumbled upon a fraudster. As for a RNA sequence, that can me manufactured from a compter, and need never to have existed. As for virus, an exosome can be emptied of all material and have an artificial RNA sequence added to it, so selling the result, does not prove it was found in nature.

    2. The so-called Covid-19 virus has not been sequenced and never was isolated for the PCR test, which the inventor said could not be used to confirm infection. A positive PCR test probably confirms that you have either a live or dead virus from a cold, the flu or corona, or other viruses, but cannot distinguish between them!

      What I am getting from above is confirming that the covid vaccine they were producing is the bio-weapon. Early in 2018, I had gotten info from a murdered Ph.D. scientist in CDC infectious diseases that came to me and asked that I help him save others. He came back in early 2020 and that was when I knew that this current Covid-19 terror plot was what he was trying to warn me about. I immediately knew it was an engineered virus and read all the medical research and patents to help confirm what I was getting.

      I knew enough from that research, that both myself and my 22-year companion would not be getting the Covid shots and have been trying to spread the truth everywhere I could with the research I had learned.

      I believe that the covid shot is indeed the weapon because I have experienced and seen too many cases where people near a recently vaccinated individual have gotten covid symptoms or caused problems in people’s reproductive organs. I do believe the vaccine sheds and can give you covid and the covid shot proteins if you spend some time near someone recently vaccinated.

      My fiance caught covid at work where he managed a housekeeping staff and one of these workers came to me and wanted to discuss something with me in private after I told them my 57-year-old fiance had died after testing positive, and he had never been sick in the 35 years that his best friend had known him. The housekeeper had wanted to show me her vaccine card and I told her she didn’t have to do that but she insisted I look and I took a picture of it. She had gotten her 3rd shot, the booster on December 21st, 2021. Jeff came home sick after work on December 22nd. I got sick on December 23rd. He passed away at home on January 7, 2022! I had always been telling people that the vaccinated are the super spreaders of covid and have been laughed at but in our case, it may be true. Looking forward to more research into this for true confirmation!

      Please avoid being near any recently vaccinated people within at least the first week of vaccination minimum for your safety!

      1. My husband and I had a similar situation with a vaccinated friend but she was three weeks vaccinated.
        I’m certain that she gave us this.

  6. Brother does this seem all a little too orchestrated to you? Like the globalists know it’s not working so they are going to send actors against the vaccine out now and allow project Veritas to report and let it get into the mainstream?

      1. Brothers,
        Malone did’nt express well to the end of sentence, yes it was wuhan intense experimenting on “vaxxes” and yes they may be testing on rats, bats, but it doesnt have corellation with previous mainstreem bat narrative..
        You can’t do this on western world soil, where to much regulations and switch off fuses, you can only do it in the dark china soil.
        The goal was a vax for human (transhuman) and it was “successful”.Diabolical intent to erase Gods footprint of perfect creation, and rewrite it as ai beings – physical immortality.
        I knew in the bottom of my hart from beggining that its impossible, tragic.
        They knew for decades that Human consciousness is inevitably evolving and that their system is going to end. “Testament” they hide is revealing and going to dust.
        They got confirmation (no matter what they do the equasion is the same) in 2012. (looking glass) but hope newer dies both ways..
        Thing is that part of cabal decided (agreed) to pull back in the holes for a generation or two and by then proceeding with another plan for their newer ending diabolical goal.
        The rest will be sacrifised as “pedros” to comfort the masses.
        As they got exposed. But dont take me wrong, its not vax exposal or crime itself, its the secret of string pullers.
        I wont say it out loud here because of you my brother, but i will parafrase Voltaire;
        “One who’s name you are not aloud to mention or speak about, is the One who controls you.
        We need to get this to the bottom in this era, for sake, not only of one nation, but for sake of all peoples and nations.
        We have help though, our older brothers, native peoples on all continents know the secrets as well.
        This is it now, us or them.
        And it will be Light!

  7. Dear Br Bugnolo

    You are, I believe, the FIRST to have called it correctly.

    The “Covid 19 pandemic” was a total psy-op. Purpose of which was, as you rightly point out, to justify vaccination.

    The vaxx is the bioweapon.

    The cabal would not release a bioweapon in the wild as they would not be able to control who it killed.


    1. Yes, vaccination is the point of it all. That is all they’re concerned about – vaccinating everyone. This article should prove it beyond doubt. In some hospitals where they fired unvaccinated health workers, they’re hiring back vaccinated COVID POSITIVE health workers to fill in the gaps! SO, they’re not worried about people with the virus, they just want everyone to be vaccinated.
      “Understaffed hospitals bring back COVID-positive nurses to avoid employing the unvaccinated”

    2. Actually Dr Martin stated this 6 months ago during an expert interview with the lawyer Dr Fuellmich. He used patent filings to prove it

  8. This was a Jan. 10 reply tweet to Dr. Maike Hickson, who is a big promoter of Dr. Malone (didn’t you say her husband is a US intelligence operative?)”
    “Dr. Malone is a Dark, Pro-Vaccine Necromancer, Drug Dealer & Big Pharma Loyalist who has been poisoning the planet with his toxic elixirs of death for DECADES. Why aren’t you talking about this?”

    …and a Dropbox link included in the above tweet, which I found very eye-opening:

  9. Dear Brother Bugnolo,
    Do you think that the reality of how dangerous the vaccines are will ever be known to most people? I am holding out hope that people will wake up about it. Most people look at me like I am from another planet when I tell them – I guess mainstream news would have to share before most see dangers. It is crazy that small children are dying and not one major news channel talks about it. Thank you for your reply! God Bless.

    1. We are reaching the inflection point faster than I thought. I think by Easter we will certain be past 50% red pilled and by june at nearly 80%. That means this summer we might see world wide violent civil disorder as the people begin to hunt these globalist trash.

      1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/636Lsy0yFCLp/

        You are right. Inflection point appears to have been reached. They are splitting ranks.

        However, they are still very dangerous.

        Next up, global financial collapse (as you have warned).

        Evergrande has officially defaulted twice but no bondholders (Sovereigns, hedge funds) seem interested in demanding payment. How strange…

        Potemkin village.

        But fall of Kazakhstan (not CIA mainly, was the vaxx passports to enter banks) and derivatives blowup based on Evergrande could trigger it by end of Jan.

      2. A friend who didn’t speak to me for over a year and then got vaxxed (and bragged about it on Facebook), called me up last week to admit that she knows many vaxxed people who got infected and some who ended up in the hospital.

        She said, ”I got it to travel and now I realize it doesn’t work.” (I think she got it to virtue signal as well.)

        I doubt she’ll be getting a booster and that’s why she called me. She broke the silence because she realizes I was right and she’s getting herself ready for ”unvaxxed” status.

        A few days ago she sent me a message saying that she had Covid. Again, she’s not afraid to admit she was wrong.

        I didn’t expect her to wake up, but I had been praying for her.

  10. They’ve been working on this with mosquitos and ticks and all ‘vectors’ for years… another red herring for ‘environmental’ toxins if that helps to clarify things. Half the ‘treatments’ that work are derived from soil based ‘bacteria’ derived from the guts of ‘insects’: mostly thanks to the Japanese who have understood this is how ‘toxins’ degrade. It’s all poisoning in one way or another that ends up in the ‘cycle’ of life.

  11. What are your thoughts on direct democracy rather than the falsehoods of representative democracy, and do you think that through means of Devine providence that the lord speaks through the people at large and therefore if we were to have a uncorrupted democracy that the direct democracy would in fact be divine in some way? (I’ve seen evidence on this by looking at the power of speculation/guessing and averaged out a group of people got the correct answer to a question)

    1. What people mean by direct democracy varies. I think a democratic government could be truly more democratic if you outlawed all political parties and required every citizen to vote and broke down the voting units to every neighborhood of 100 citizens, and required everyone to face one another and elect 3 of their own, one to represent him, one to be his substitute, and one to report / communicate with town hall. Then of all these elected representative, elect the town government. And require that no representative hold office more than once every decade, and require elections for town govt. every year. And then let the town government, be composed of no more than 5-8 counsellors and a mayor. And then let the town govts elect the county officials, and the county officials the state officials, each changing yearly. This would be more like what they did at Athens, and would make it much more difficult for the globalists to control.

      1. Even better, brother.
        Elected officials hold position max 6 months, no more.
        See centuries in Dubrovnik..

      2. Well, since my life can be placed in the hands of a jury that was picked from the Driver License rolls – how about we do the same for our representatives – call them up for duty! Except, it would just devolve into the same bureaucrats that today run our agencies and make rules and laws without the politicians….

  12. I see Malone as lining up with the CIA agenda in relation to China and Iran: bio-chem warfare via spraying and vaccine. (10% of the Iranian Govt was *killed* with “Covid” in 2020)
    Fauci is expendable to them and may be removed from prominence, though he was valuable to them for the first two years of pandemic propaganda.

    See Ron Unz and Truthleaks with George Webb. They make a good case for the CIA/Fort Detrick origins of the SARS illness (which is mixed in with conventional cold, flu, and pneumonia for propaganda purposes.)

  13. There is never any valid scientific, and therefore also never any logical or legal, point in doing gain-of-function “research” since they already know how the higher-transmitting viruses transmitters function, without having to make them any more lethal; and they also know what makes the more lethal viruses lethal, without having to make them any easier to catch.

    1. i complete solciate. The existance of fraudsih invested Virus is demonic as no virus has ever been proofen to poison an individuum from the fraudish Virusinvention of Lois Pasteur.
      The socalled guilt for symptoms is blamed on the virus which really is sometimes there if there are „specific“ symptoms but at no time is the reason for the symptoms of the unbalanced individuum (e.g. symptomic measles look so different that there are numberous poisinous reasons for the red quaddles, HIV turned into Aids with the goldstandard AZT, halfing the poison results in longer life for the Aidspatients)
      As his betrayal got revealed after his death by his own labratory notices which where found years ago from an relative got then stored and bunked in the official paris library.
      Since the presentation of a virus microscope picture fear got linked to visibility and the invention of this powerful usefull lie was done and used by shameless „business“ lifekilling men. So the society got doomed again by this powerful fearspreading demonic lie!

      Every individuum on earth has a less functioning health system from the moment when it gets vaccinated in comparison to an unvaccinated with 100% transparancy and correlation in reality!
      As soon anybody on planet gets vaccinated (doesent matter if its measles, rubella, ticks, Influenza, chickpox, HPV etc) his health decreases from the moment something entered his body with no benefit at all!

      As from the medical establishent disgraced Dr med Ryke Hamer invented the 5Biological Naturelaws every illness like Bechamp already knew ist just caused by poisioning or selfcaused biological Programs which are belief caused by the individuum itself. So he proofed his Laws with 6000 patients surviving without pharmacy posioning their cancer diagnosis for 20 years by 80% as they got peer reviewed interviewed for control matters!

      So as an viriologist in theory at least based on truthbringing science you to have fundumental reality issues in when it comes to describe the behavior of invented not proofable viruspoetry which lives only from beliefredundance (Nobel Prize, Pasteur inst, Koch Institute etc) So either you define your job for the good or evil. Not one viruscaused symptom has ever been scientifically proofen as these virusthings should have jumped from one individuum to another one causing with its reproduction any symptoms (flu, ebola, HIV, measles all are explainable clearly different and individually) This pharamalies are all humbug. Thats not the way the lord made things work. Therfore we have to use our mind and spirit to reveal these demonic tricks to the tricked individuums. Even a small truth is better than one big lie!

  14. I’m from Canada – the premier of Quebec is mandating the vaccine – heavy fines or vax tax as they call it, will be implemented
    Trudeau, our nazi leader is suggesting that strong restrictions will get ‘those people’ to succumb to their evil agenda
    So let me get this straight, and here I don’t understand how people have lost all reason and logic, as long as the ‘these irresponsible unvaxxed murderers’ pay the government hefty fines, they can go on living and won’t be ‘contagious’anymore. Am I going crazy or is everyone else who cannot see that they implicate themselves as liars !! If I pay I don’t need the ‘lifesaving’ vaccine and am no longer a ‘super spreader and a ‘threat’ to the responsible and charitable vaxxed?
    Our ICU’s are supposedly 50% full of unvaccinated ‘scum’ why is no one then speaking of the other 50% who are vaccinated? If 50% is their magic #, then by the same argument 50% are vaccinated
    It would appear that the majority of people have lost any inclination of thinking, of logic and when you try to explain it – you are an evil conspirator
    God bless you Brother Alexis !!!

    1. Hi Anna, mandatory is just another word for forced injections, the experimental drugs ( not a vaccine ) they do not work, if at all they kill people long before their natural time and looks like they change your DNA to give you or atrack omicron, all the vaxxed are getting it like wild fire and eventually filling up the hospitals , the enforced rules, the explanation of the disease and vaccine does not add up, Gross negligence must be applied to each Government prime minister who installed fear in the weak and coerce the people with free beer, sausages, free holidays and lotteries, the wakened do not tolerate this, If in doubt ask, then keep asking.

  15. Hello Brother Bugnolo, with the utmost respect just on my mind, Why does the government allow football stadiums to open with 50 000 capacity no masks fully vaxxed then puts them in quarantine for 10 days, the 3 dose experimental vaccines don’t work and maybe, just maybe the the vaccines have attracted omicron like a magnet to these people, the unvaxxed are protected with their natural immune system, do not give this away you were born with it from mother nature, do not accept a drug that does not show its contents listed on the bottle. You would not eat shit if it was shown on the side of a tomato sauce jar from a supermarket would you

    1. Because there is no virus, the vaccine alone is the bioweapon, and they know this. They all know it.

      1. Until we have any evidence to the contrary, we must presume they are dying of things of which they have already died. Just ask a doctor who has treated such patients and ask them your question. If they won’t answer, that is a problem.

      2. It will expired in Italy on January 31st, but it does not seem that anyone in govt. cares the least.

  16. Dear Brother Bugnolo, please excuse me for my language, A friend forwarded me your posts and I have listened to them when your new ones come out, I hold you in the same high esteem as my friend Peter who has given me hope that we will win over this evil if we stand together, you Brother are one shining light in the darkness of the evil , I stand with you, keep on shining

  17. Dear Brother Bugnolo, if the vax is the bioweapon, then what is making people sick? I finally caught “covid” this summer with very weird symptoms I never experienced before. I had a light fever, then joint pain in wrist and shoulder, then days later had No taste or smell. I was back to normal in about 10 days. I had been at a party with vaxxed people and I think they gave it to me? No one had any cold symptoms at the party.

    1. Every year symptoms of colds differ. Were you vaccinated for anything in the last 18 months? Do you live in a 5G area? Do you live or work with anyone vaccinated. To discover a cause, you need to analyze all causes.

      1. Thank you for the reply. I have not been vaxxed for anything in over 20 yrs. I am a homemaker. I suppose I am around 5G since I live in southern CA. I do know that I was around people at the gathering who had been vaxxed, though none exhibited any symptoms. I really appreciate your work and care for people. God Bless you.

      2. Have you heard of Shedding? Those who are vaxxed become like human sized spike protein producers. You can be poisoned by contact with them or with their bodily fluids including sweat. That spike protein can cause you to have symptoms. And yes, the particiles of water emitted by them during a sneeze….

  18. I have seen a lot of people calling out Malone as controlled opposition for a while now! But worrying if true as Dr Zelenko says he is his mentor!
    I found a terse conversation between Dr Zelenko and Dr Wodarg last year interesting .. I believe Dr Wodarg also believes there was no virus but Dr Zelenko got angry and said there was and he knew because he was treating it! I respect them both a lot so that did make me curious

    I guess in the end you can only trust yourself and God!

    1. Dr. Zelenko has progress in his understanding. He affirmed to me in November, that he has no idea if it is a bacteria, a virus, or a toxin.

      1. Ok! Very good! I believe both men are very decent so it was, at the time uncomfortable viewing ( in hindsight almost like watching your parents argue … you think they are both brilliant so don’t understand why they disagree 😢)

      2. NO ONE IS INVESTIGATING THE SYNDROME, which is called covid, to find out its real cause. Discover that and you will blow open the entire conspiracy….

  19. My comments I posted everywhere where I shared this article!
    In early 2020 I tried exposing the research grant awarded to the intermediary company that ultimately funded the Wuhan Lab for this research. Clearly NIH should have never funded this research to begin with. What has been exposed by Veritas as discussed by Dr Malone and Brother Alexis was that NI H funded this COVID vaccine bio weapon and it was never intended for bats but always to inject humans around the world with this vaccine so these people would become superspreaders of COVID, that the US and other countries of the world could rollout as the supposed “ cure” for a pandemic that did not exist. As I had mentioned in early 2020, corona viruses are basic cold viruses that they had tried to create dog vaccines for with research out of Florida State Univercity I believe. That year all dog show people and their show dogs were sickened by something that escaped their research at that university or was directly planted around the Florida dog shows. They developed the corona vaccine for dogs that really did not take off and proceeded to develop the human vaccine.

    . People need to recognize that the COVID protein shedding from vaccinated people is real especially right after the vaccination. I have suffered an effect from this having gotten my period at an age in the 60’s just from going to the beach with a good friend that was recently vaccinated and I have another friend that had the same thing happen to them.
    – The vaccine created the pandemic because the PCR test sample used to create the test did not have isolated corona virus in it and could have just had common cold virus or flu virus as the test comparison.
    – Please remember that this virus had a 99.8+% survival rate without vaccines in use. There was no need for vaccines at all.
    – The Hospitals are given a $30,000bonus payment for any COVID patient admitted and they prohibited the low cost treatment of ivermectin to allow the virus to grow in patients requiring the need for the deadly remdesivir drug that causes massive damage in over 40% of patients and was recommended by Fauci.
    – your own personal doctors never read the research reports submitted by Pfizer or Moderna to the FDA like I did, where I found that the actual data in the back did not match and was way more injurious and deadly than what they reported to the FDA. They said there was low risk of miscarriages but they included 3rd trimester patients getting the shot which made the results look way better than they were. For instance ~ 81% of the 1st and 2nd trimester pregnant women that got shots during that timeframe experienced a miscarriage, which is an absurd edit high rate of miscarriages never seen before in a “safe”vaccine.
    They created fake ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine studies and said it did not cure COVID and were risky because those drugs in reality work really well in ridding the body of the live COVID virus. If Fauci and others had not done this, they NEVER would have gotten experimental approval from the FDA to use the developed money making vaccines. They could just use ivermectin and hydroxichloroquine, which NIH and CDC prohibited doctors from using and pharmacists from distributing. Both work real well with Minimal bad effects on people.
    – The goal has been to reduce the world’s population by destroying your immune system with the COVID shots and to get more control over the people to bring on the Great Reset.
    Meanwhile all the coroners offices have been told to just use the high false positive PCR test to test the sudden deaths of people and they immediately classify the death as due to COVID, when the person really wasn’t that sick and they then refuse to do autopsies, they just lost them as COVID deaths. Just went thru that with my loved one, where he died in his sleep because of a glucose coma , along with some effects from being slightly sick with COVID. Now the government pays for all funeral costs at taxpayers expense and the Funeral Homes are getting rich from all the extra money they get from the government and of course they encourage you to have elaborate wakes, viewing and funerals, because “Don’t worry the government is going to pay for it. Unbelievable corruption around all of this at the expense of the American taxpayer.
    – of course, you do not want you loved one with COVID to enter the Hospital because they immediately want to vent the patient and give them remdesiver and refuse to give them ivermectin, etc, causing the deaths of so many people in the ICU’s
    – I am beyond disgusted that my loved one could not get some slight care without being admitted to the Hospital, where they kill the patient with their protocols when simple drugs would cure them as outpatients. We couldn’t even get COVID tested because Fauci recommended all the people going to their families Christmas celebration get COVID tests despite being healthy, which denied the COVID testing to truly sick people that needed the COVID test to be able to get some preliminary care from their doctors. I am beyond mad and disgusted that my 57 year old companion struggled to get a COVID test and then the hospitals would not allow for effective drugs to be given on an outpatient basis. And then just label it as a COVID death when a borderline diabetic goes into a diabetic coma because of not eating the proper way and foregoing their daily glucose testing because of them feeling so sick

    – I truly want all the Hospital Directors, greedy doctors and funeral homes as well as the government people that have lied to the American people like Fauci, compromised researchers etc to face trial for what they have done to people and execute them all!

  20. The Luciferian Psychopathic Elites have been working on a “virus” for decades. It’s all in their white papers. Also the infamous quote by Prince Philip….magically came to fruition after his death.

    The bioweapon shots were more than likely already created before the intentional spike protein release in 2019.

    This is a battle between good and evil. Looks like everything is going according to scripture Revelation KJV. Currently we are towards the end of the 5th Trump. You must know the Antichrist arrives in Jerusalem at the 6th Trump. The serpents spawn – The Synagogue of Satan- Lucifer’s children- The Kenites – will welcome him as the Great Messiah. 5 months you will be tested like no other time DO NOT WHORE AFTER THIS ONE! Wait like a chased virgin for the real Jesus Christ that returns at the 7th Trump.

  21. I never said Malone lied or was in error. But I repeat, you do not vaccinate or innoculate bats with a spike protein which is designed to attach to human lung tissue. But thank you for attempting to rebend the narrative back to the Globalist goals.

  22. Excellent commentary Br Alexis. You are right, Dr Malone doesn’t make sense in claiming the Wuhan lab was inoculating bats and this somehow escaped and infected people.

    I began to be suspicious of him when interviewed by Stew Peters who asked him twice if the poison serums were the bio weapons. The first time he ignored the question, the second time he said he hadn’t gone into the question at that “deep a level”. When asked how his heart condition now was after being double jabbed he glided over the question by saying he was under the care of a fellow doctor and that the condition was improving. He did not attempt at all to share the treatment with others who are suffering the same condition after the serums. The least he could have done is direct people to where they could find out a treatment protocol. After all, this is what doctors are supposed to do.

    In the Stew Peters interview he admitted working for the CIA and having done research funded by the CCP. This is strange work for a legitimate doctor/scientist to be doing while appearing to be on the side of exposing the massive scamdemic imposed on the world.

    Thank you for your insightful commentary and important work.

    1. With the little I know of Dr. Malone’s career, I have a hard time thinking he really took the Jabb.

      1. Absolutely! So do I. With his apparent stellar qualifications, including immunology, it seems strange why he would take an experimental jab with no real safety trials and totally unknown consequences. It’s hardly the actions of someone dedicated to science.

        I think it was in the Stew Peters interview where he said he took it so he could go to a conference in Europe because that was the only way he could travel there. But this is not the case because no such restrictions were in place in Europe at the time he was referring to. They only came in around a year later, and even then not all European countries. So that claim isn’t accurate either.

  23. Brother Alexis, to my untrained eye this looks like the Wuhan lab might indeed have claimed to have been working on an inoculation for bats as part of a bigger project. Does this make sense? Could this just be a lie that they tell the lab technicians and the public, for security reasons?:


    “According to Project Veritas, EcoHealth Alliance (a U.S.-based non-governmental organization “with a stated mission of protecting people, animals, and the environment from emerging infectious diseases”) contacted DARPA in March 2018, seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat borne coronaviruses.

    In its executive summary of project “DEFUSE,” EcoHealth claimed, “Our goal is to analyze, predict, then “DEFUSE” the spillover potential of novel bat-origin high-risk SARS-CoVs in Southeast Asia and across these viruses’ distribution.”

    The organization proposed conducting in-depth sampling of bat coronaviruses and models using bat and viral data to estimate the viruses’ “jump potential.” The approach included sequencing the spike protein and modeling spike structure to assess ACE2 binding (or the major cell entry receptor of the coronaviruses) and then test them “in vitro and ACE2 humanized mouse experiments.” The results would then be tested in machine-learning to predict viral spillover risk. The project also proposed “modeling evolutionary/recombination rates capacity to infect humans.” The infection potential should have been validated with previously collected human serum to identify the viruses’ “spillover potential.”

    To achieve all of that, the researchers would inoculate bats with immune modulators “to upregulate their naturally inhibited innate immunity and suppress viral replication, transiently reducing viral shedding/spillover risk.

    The bats would also be injected with “novel chimeric polyvalent recombinant spike proteins to enhance their adaptive immune memory against specific, high-risk viruses.”

    Finally, the project would try and develop an aerosol-cased vaccine for the infected bats at “our three test cave sites in a cave complex in Yunnan, China, where SARSr·CoVs have infected people.”



    1. I am not denying they inoculate bats, I am inferring that they were working on a spike protein delivery vector for humans, which you would not test on bats, only, since you are designing it to kill humans.

      1. Thank you, Brother.

        Now I wonder: Is it standard practice for an NGO “with a stated mission of protecting people, animals, and the environment from emerging infectious diseases” to ask a Chinese bioweapons lab to work on a vaccine project? To me it seems very strange that anyone would believe that, but I have no knowledge of how these things are usually done, so maybe my suspicion is way off base.

  24. It seems that Wuhan was chosen as the sacrificial place to observe the effects of this bioweapon. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Wuhan was the first city in China to install 5G either since many reports have shown 5G as having a magnetic effect on people who have had the jabs.

    As well as being a mass culling of humanity, it seems certain that the transhumanist agenda is part of the overall strategy, along with “climate change” and mass total control over those people remaining. The globalist entities have only 8 more years to UN Agenda 2030 to create a totally new and unrecognizable world. Their Totalitarian Tiptoe has to start taking bigger and more obvious strides if they want to achieve all their plans without risking a mass uprising from us, the “useless eaters”. We can already see the signs of their panic.

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