12 thoughts on “EU warns that Covid-19 Booster shots damage Immune System”

  1. Every day I am getting more and more certain the Antichrist/world government will swoop in as a savior. The luciferians use a process known as Hegelian dialectic, where they present a problem, wait for a reaction, then do what they actually want as a solution to the problem. The mainstream media is suddenly changing its tune, which makes me suspect they want riots and revolution, so they can build a new world order on the ashes of the old. When the normies wake up they will be furious that so many of them were death vaxxed by the government. Then they will look for a savior to their problems.

    The left hand luciferian agenda is technocratic dictatorship. The right hand luciferian agenda is Age of Aquarius. Like the good cop bad cop act, the nice luciferians will “save” us from the bad luciferians, who may or may not be aware they are the fall guys.

    1. Is Trump their nice luciferian or their bad luciferian or both perhaps at various times such as when he supports the jab?

      1. I think Trump is America’s Boris Johnson. Like he’s just mocking the masses by saying and doing things that make them think he is one of them. The elites think the masses are dumb cattle, so Boris messes up his hair to “fit in”.

        As for Trump, he hangs out with the Clintons and knows Epstein. I don’t quite trust him.

    2. I completely agree with your assessment. The massive death caused by the vaccines could be what brings the massive apostacy and then the masses will be ready for a savior. Even truther sites like naturalnews.com, with very accurate predictions are reporting about the waking up of humanity on a global scale and the rebuilding of society. It makes me shudder what will come after this wholesale destruction of what is left of Christian civilization.

  2. Europe has been more forthcoming than the U.S. with data and news around Covid and the “vaccines.” Though it’s generally already known that even real vaccines can compromise the natural immune system.

    Pharma’s not worried by this “booster” news, since they’re working on a “miracle pill” for Covid that will also certainly earn them billions. It’s less certain how many people they might kill or injure.  (Third leading cause of U.S. death:  iatrogenic causes, largely involving prescription drugs.)

    1. Iatrogenic death is the main reason why death by doctor and death by nurse especially in this age of co-v-id causes us to be sickened that they are referred to as heroes.

      Multitudes of doctors and nurses, hospital administrators, scientists, lawmakers, judges, political and corporate ”so called leaders”, and others are mass murderers. Many of them have tried to fool us that they do not want the jabs for themselves and quit their jobs or fight for exemptions if forced; it is because they have overseen the deaths they have been silently or openly responsible for every step along the way.

      In addition, when it involves them and their loved ones, they know that the jabs, ventilators, etc. murder the victims in their ”care” and so they do not want to be jabbed, etc.

      HEROES THEY ARE NOT if they have been accomplices to the murders in hospital, nursing homes, and so forth because at some point they are absolutely in the know about their actions causing the deaths, and they are guilty of the murders themselves.

      Please repent if you are living with this mortal sin on your soul.

      There is nothing greater in this earthly life than to seek forgiveness from our only TRUE SAVIOUR, JESUS, WHO WILL FORGIVE EVERY SIN if we desire to REPENT and accept HIS WAYS to be forgiven.

      WE all and each one CHOOSE our eternal destination to be either ETERNAL LIFE or ETERNAL damnation.


  3. Very true, T, “problem-reaction-solution” being the game plan, your hypothesis makes sense. It’s abundantly clear the stage is being set for the “savior” antichrist to arrive on the scene, but I hadn’t thought about it from the perspective of “coming to the rescue” of the bamboozled and DeathVax-damaged masses.

    I like your “good cop/bad cop” analogy.

  4. Knit Knightly at Off-Guardian is also smelling a rat:
    “The best thing we can do is not fall into the trap.
    The press, politicians and Big Pharma didn’t all just realise the truth, they’re just using some small parts of truth they’ve been ignoring for two years to fortify their position. The very fact they feel the need to do so shows that the resistance is building, and that they’re are trying to lull us into relaxing.
    Now would be the worst time to stop fighting.”

    1. This article adds to what has been exposed, thanks be to GOD, in our times so far. There has been a several decades’ long, ongoing and never ending CONTROL, CONTROL, and more CONTROL of the multitudes of cattle / people whom they call goyim.

      The extermination of 7 billion people whom GOD created and LOVES who live in our present times is ever advancing according to the established plot and plan of the highest level of satanists and their minions / front men and women who carry out their plan.

      The ”CONTROLLERS” completely set the agendas as to what, when, how, how much, the requirements for now, the end of the previous requirements and the next requirements that EVERYONE MUST FOLLOW, and on and on and on.

      Most of the so called leaders in the U.S.A. and on the world- wide stage are chosen to be formed [a.k.a. deformed] in the
      various world educational [a.k.a. indoctrinational] forums. Their best people [a.k.a. worst evil doers] are then placed in the front lines and behind the scenes to operate and administrate the plots and plans according to the agenda[s] du jour.

      The bottom line / goal of the globalists [a.k.a. minions of satan] is to accomplish the New World Order of satan versus GOD through the destruction of the order which the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD has established.

      The satanists and their father will be defeated AGAIN by JESUS CHRIST. GOD has revealed HIS PLAN and will accomplish this.

      GOD WILL CARRY OUT and FULFILL HIS PLAN when all seems most hopeless.

      When enough people turn back to GOD, REPENT, and do their part to live righteous lives according to HIS WAY, TRUTH and LIFE, and commit themselves to fight the good fight in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST and HIS MOTHER MARY according to their state in life. . .


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