US Army trains for guerilla war against American citizens

Editor’s Note: I think this news can reasonably lead a US citizen to question if the US Army still exists to defend the American citizen, or whether it has become a complete tool of the Globalist tyranny. Any US solider participating in this exercise is a potential traitor and terrorist, in my opinion.

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7 thoughts on “US Army trains for guerilla war against American citizens”

  1. Since the end of WWII, the military has been constrained with insane rules of engagement. It’s costs millions of lives! Bet when they turn on the Americans, those rules are trashed! Good thing for the Americans, is this military is not capable of winning battles now. Better call in the blue helmets to help you, buttercups!

  2. It is called “Robin Sage,” and is the final exercise for the men training for the Special Forces tabs – the Green Berets. This happens at least once a year, and has for decades. If they pass this test, then they earn their way in. Notices like this must be posted locally there in NC, so the people area aware. I’m a priest and retired U.S. Army Chaplain.

  3. During the years barak o was commander in chief, it was reported that he implemented a system of generals who were willing to kill American citizens if ordered to do so. The ones not willing were removed, and the ones that were willing to kill American citizens are present and accounted for now and are ready, willing, and preparing to do so as this reported article shows .

  4. With the wicked state of his CCP interests, the way he assumed the presidency as regards the present commander in chief, the ghastly way he left military men to die in Afghanistan, the way he left the equipment behind, the mandated jabs for military personnel, etc. is evidence that nothing is right.

    Those with common sense, right reason, and right judgement can put the pieces of the puzzle together in the bigger picture to infer that what was the former American way in the military is NO MORE.

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