W.H.O. says Covid Vaccines no longer effective


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5 thoughts on “W.H.O. says Covid Vaccines no longer effective”

  1. Is it a signal for a new bio-weapon to be released with a new round of “freedom mandates” ?

  2. All signs are indicating that we are on the threshold of entering a new phase in the very planned and calculated agenda to collapse the Church and world (on all levels), to genocide humanity, and then to usher in the Fatima-prophesied global totalitarian slave-state for those who manage to remain in this life.
    Somewhere in the mix of our not-too-distant future is Bill Gates’ prophesied “pandemic 2” which will most likely be a genuine Black Death scenario of some sort. So, it is possible that covid may be superseded by a weaponized Ebola (or Marburg) hemorrhagic fever scenario, or that the “failed” covid Frankenshots inside the jabbed victims will be 5g-activated to induce what will look like a real plague. But in any case, deadly inoculations are HERE TO STAY. It remains to be seen just what hellish nightmare is their planned next phase.
    But it is very plain to see that the groundwork conditioning is being laid RIGHT NOW for the imminent next step of the Satanic blueprint that will catapult us toward the “great reset/new world order” totalitarian global dictatorship. Multiplied rosaries — now and in the coming days of an even greater absence of the true Mass of the Ages — are of the highest urgency.

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