11 thoughts on “INDIA: Covid Home-cure packages of Ivermectin, D3, Zinc & Antibiotics”

      1. okay i see 45% is for fully vaccinated – 2 doses.
        90% is for 1 dose.
        90% have had at least one dose.

  1. well i would not take their stats at face value but 100% of my social circle is fully vaxxed and outside that when i interact with people and talk about this if it comes up they are vaxxed too and this has happened in multiple cities where i have been to over last few months. So i would not doubt the stats for 90% being vaxxed.

    1. What a tragedy, for such a great nation. Your leaders betrayed you to the Chinese. They will over run India, after all the vaxxed are dead.

      1. The CDS – Chief of Defense Staff died mysteriously recently after giving a talk on Bio Warfare preparedness and the leaders covered it up.

        The armed forces are fully jabbed.

        The whole system and population is in mass delusion for a while now.

        Maybe curry will save them.

  2. All the USA and the other countries around the world needed to do was provide these same packages to their people when they got sick with “Covid” but at least the US could not allow it because then, Pfizer, Moderna, and the other pharmaceutical companies chasing their big windfall vaccines, would not have even gotten emergency approval for their Covid “vaccines”! Emergency approval is only allowed if there is no effective treatment protocol, which is why they had poor ivermectin testing protocols studies or studies with tampered with results published so that Ivermectin and other drugs like hydroxychloroquine would not look effective in treating or preventing covid! All lies to kill and control more people!

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