12 thoughts on “The Sanitary Dictatorship on display at Rome, Italy”

  1. How are people not horrified by this? How are they so meekly complying with this draconian nightmare? How can they so readily relinquish their God-given freedom and bodily autonomy? How have they so soon forgotten their lives before this enslavement just a short time ago?

    “Mass formation” or “mass psychosis” is the only possible answer. Surely it’s not a case of so many people consciously choosing evil; it has to be that they’re thoroughly deceived. They’re walking right into the gaping mouth of the Beast, and are oblivious to it! God help us all.

    1. Beautifully said! It’s a nightmare scenario. Holocaust survivors appealed to the European Union to stop this madness and said the scope is much larger and more of an existential threat than what they experienced.

  2. If people are stupid enough to do that nonsense they have to know. Makes no sense to me so I wouldn’t be doing any of it.

  3. It is going to take a massive effort on the part of all free people to end this. We see how the tyranny is spreading, and now oligarchs are “othering” the people they wish to isolate, the unvaxxed. Never before have we seen coordinated verbal assaults on the people, as we see now. They are ramping up.
    It is time to push back, way past time. By the time you get to what is in this video, it is too late.

  4. Has God given over the masses over to a spirit of stupor ?(Intellectual insensibility; dullness of perception or understanding)
    In such a state, much like ‘religious obsession’ people will comply passively in conformity to the voices of instruction…
    john B

  5. Bergoglio is a Satanist. Everything he promotes is a hoax, and the goal of each hoax is mass depopulatkon. Carbon hoax (death by freezing, starvation), Covid hoax (death by Remdesivir/ventilator, lockdowns, starvation, suicide, denial of effective drugs, vitamins). And he promotes sodomy, adultery, fornication, and abortjon. His crowning Satanic project is his Final Solution for the Catholic Mass.

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