They are telling the World their plans, if anyone is listening

Editor’s Note: This is not an endorsement. I have not seen the book, but as soon as I can lay my hands on a copy, I will publish an analysis.

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15 thoughts on “They are telling the World their plans, if anyone is listening”

  1. Please Br. Bugnolo, don’t waste your valuable time on this one. More drivel by the usual suspects about “overpopulation” and “resource-depletion” as cover-up for crimes against humanity. Maybe it is the best strategy to totally ignore this book. Let it sink in the abyss of absolute irrelevance. Let us concentrate on the crimes and ignore the excuses.

  2. Well I wouldn’t waste my time or money reading about something I will never be taking part in. In fact there is nothing of interest someone like that could possibly tell me. Live by your wits, live free👍

  3. I think Brother Alexis does a jolly fine job of providing us with material that is enlightening, and certainly, it may be old news to some, but it may also be new news to others.
    Carry on, Brother Alexis.
    Nobody is forced to read what doesn’t suit them.
    But let’s stop censoring the good people!

  4. Read “The Man Who Was Thursday” by G. K. Chesterton. This was written in 1908 and foretells the same plot that we see being unfolded before us now. Fiction has become reality.

    1. Chersterton actively collaborated with the Pilgrim Society, so he might have heard of the plot way back then.

  5. Just so you know folks, this book was published in late December 2021; it is literally called the sequel to the Great Reset-Covid19 book, I mean, wouldn’t be good to take a peak at their next move of control on us and expose it before they unleash it on us? If he can get his hands on a copy, go ahead and expose it all.


    Two days ago, before he got murdered, dr. Domenico Biscardi told us: they have introduced Bluetooth technology in vaccinated people, but graphene is needed to power the electricity needed for the nanotechnology, but it is destroyed by the immune system within 3 months.

    This is the reason as to why they have to give the “vaccinated” booster shots

    Graphene boosters.

    So, because people are waking up and are not scared of Covid19 any longer, now they are coming up with the new bugbear hemorrhagic syndrome from China.

    But, hey! With the 5G antennas they have created the Covid-19.
    Raising the frequencies, they create hemorrhagic syndromes.

    See? All dots are connected, now!

    The solution to end pandemics, Green pass, abusive gov’ts, and end the Great Reset is:


    This is a 5G pandemic. There is no virus!

    The Covid-19 pandemic is a cover up for the fourth industrial revolution !!

    Think about it and share!

  7. Well…what about the high fever??? Can 5G+graphene cause a high fever? I have seen evidence online that 5G can harm the cardio-pulminary system (breathing difficulty due to blood pooling).

    Come to think, the alternative doctors (McCullough et al.) have stated that Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide destroys any pathogen organism in the lung. Why would they recommend this protocol if there is no pathogen, i.e., a virus?

    I conclude it’s all too confusing.

    1. Because when cells die to 5G or else, they must be removed, bacteria is ‘opportunistic’ and will appear to clean but bacteria’ waste is poisonous. So yes, definitely can cause high fever or worse.
      Virology is a sham and McCallough not an alternative doctor.
      From La Quinta Columna. When the body tries to expel graphene oxide it tries to via the lungs. If graphene oxide gets charge and becomes excited it will ruin the cells around itself. Plus it does cause of blood clots, in the lungs it can cause cell death, too. Cell death = inflammation. Despite of that the WHO advised not to make autopsies some Italian docs did during the first wave. They found many small blood clots in the lungs of ALL of the dead people.

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