Why was Rand Paul chosen to interrogate Fauci?

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13 thoughts on “Why was Rand Paul chosen to interrogate Fauci?”

      1. When someone uses that kind of language they lose slot of their credibility.Why do people feel they need to use profanity?To sound tough and cool,and tofit in. That’s why I did. I think it hurts the holy families ears.

  1. Is there one honest soul in the world? Yes, Jesus Christ who said He would be with us until the consummation of the world. He also said to not be afraid. If you’re not afraid then you can’t be hoodwinked into believing lies and propaganda (more lies). Instead, be like a good police inspector. Listen to everybody, but don’t believe anybody until whatever they say can be proved by real facts or evidence – not just “reports”. “Things are going to get much worse!” Is that a fact or just an opinion? “There will be a massive die-off of vaccinated people later this month!” What is the factual basis for your prediction besides online or TV news “reports”? Are you sincerely trying to help us or are you just trying to scare us to make an easy buck?

    1. Thank you for that reply… this is exactly what we all need right now… hold the line people…

  2. AMONG OTHER high profile ACTORS also, we have been VERY SUSPICIOUS about Rand Paul and about Project Veritas for some time now. The role of ”controlled opposition” is a particularly nefarious one within the globalsts’ venues of mind- control and programming propaganda methods.

    Rand Paul is one of the actors chosen for his role in the THEATER OF POLITICS because he obviously does not get the job done in so many of his high profile expositions.

    Project Veritas is also playing a chosen role because the P. Veritas you tube presentations remain for all to see, while most other ones with the same messages are eliminated because they are not the chosen ones to play the role of ”controlled opposition”.

  3. It’s all theater, clearly he’s already lied under oath so so why hasn’t Paul insisted he be arrested? Theater, wrestling, WEE.

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