Battelground Melbourne — A Documentary of the Fall of Liberty in Victoria

Editor’s Note: If this is not sufficient evidence to begin an open armed conflict against your government, nothing is. They are boiling you like a frog. Do not fear what would happen if you resist with force, for if you do not resist with force, you will be dead.

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6 thoughts on “Battelground Melbourne — A Documentary of the Fall of Liberty in Victoria”

  1. The Australians won’t do anything. They are a bunch of cowards. They could have started the resistance a long time ago. Instead they chose to do nothing.

    In Germany the politicians try to implement a vaxx mandate at the end of March. Should they succeed the streets in Germany will burn and there won’t be enough water to extinguish it. I hope the politicians get what they want. Their hybris is unbearable. Watch Germany!

  2. Unfortunately the video says more about the ineptitude of the voting public who elected the government into power by an overwhelming majority.

  3. Sadly leaders are SELECTED not Elected.
    I live in Victoria Australia, we are not Cowards we are fighters if you watch the video you will see , hundreds of thousands of Australians are fighting and we will not give up , it will take time but with God on our side we can not lose.

    1. You’re a bunch of pussies! I’m sorry for you!

      You don’t need hundreds of thousands. You need a few dozens who are willing to go all-in to take everything apart.

      If there were hundreds of thousands all you needed to do was sitting at home, not going to work and watch the system crumble. Don’t you see what’s going on just right now in Australia with Djokovic? He’s the most hated guy in Australia because he said no whilst you keep dropping your pants, bending over saying: “Please, please be gentle.”

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