8 thoughts on “Dr. Delgado: Covid-19 is caused by Nano-Technology & 5G radiation”

  1. If these illnesses are not bring caused by viruses but 5g + graphene oxide, why then are people not constantly sick?

    1. Until scientists discover at what frequencies, 5g can be harmful and what kind of radiation levels are dangerous, we do not know. It can be that a 5G tower only sends out, at request, dangerous levels to specific parts of its coverage area. Like the vials of vaccine which contain less or no harmful elements mixed in with those which kill, it gives plausable deniability to their genocide project. Also, if you carry a cellphone like device, it is entirely possible that they target you personally and you alone with the dangerous radiation, based for example, on what you say on social media. For that reason, do not travel with you cellphone in 5g areas, is my advice.

  2. Thank you Dr. Ricardo, we in New Zealand appreciate your work in order to help save our lives, God Bless you.

  3. Many rural and suburban areas – even in most technologically developed countries – have poor or no 4G coverage, let alone 5G coverage.

    Even (say) Hong Kong, has large areas (maybe ~25% of land area) where 4G does not reach and much larger areas (maybe ~40% of land area) where 5G does not reach. (Estimates based on visual inspection of maps only.)

    If the hypothesis were true, then one would expect consistently to see major differences in outcomes between people hospitalised “with” CV19 in urban areas versus those hospitalised “with” CV19 in rural and suburban areas.

    1. Well not necessarily, because most people work in 5G or 4G covered zones, and it is not yet clear if habitual exposure or special targeted exposure is sufficient or necessary….

    2. It’s about graphene oxide. It’s neutral until it gets charge from the environment. The source of charge can be anything including a mobile phone or a wifi.

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