19 thoughts on “Dr. Fuellmich: The Covid-19 Vaccines are designed to depopulate the planet”

  1. Dearest Brother,


    This is an urgent inquiry and if also there’s somebody who could give us more info , details or clarifications.
    I was told that in USA, the only so-called anti-covid vaccines available for them are P and M. While in some areas especially in Asia, we have six choices, P, M A, JJ, S (moscow-made) and one from china called sinovac,
    We were told that sinovac is safe considering this is a true vaccine. Do you think its really a safe vaccine compared to others which contains mrna and also used nano particles?
    Thank you very much. God bless every body.

    1. No vaccine for a non existent virus is safe, because fraud is the whole basis of its necessity. Your body and your health should be more important to you.

      1. Yes, Thank You Dear Editor,

        Looking forward … Looking back
        NO vaccine is safe!
        Long story, lived down the days and many decades of our lives as victims of Big Pharma legal mafia.


      2. GOD be praised for your quick response. These two sentences can help guide millions of people to make the most appropriate decision and not be misled by the propaganda. Dio ti benenica di piu.

  2. Thank You Brother Alexis!,
    we are grateful to You and to our Good God for your Franciscan Mission – a Christ-like Mission for the people … the Ora et Labora Mission! Thank You!

    As Laura A Voss wrote: Brave Men!

    Yes You and They are Brave Men ,,, fashioned the Christ-like Way.
    There is no better way.
    We, who try to do likewise are realizing that there is NO REST in this infernal plandemic war … therefore, Families must keep alert to the messages of the Brave Men and Women who are trying to work out strategies to combat, to stop the evil Eugenicists-Globalists Cabal who want to depopulate the human herd by experimental SHOTS BY HOOK AND BY CROOK.
    The people must follow the daily updates provided by The Brave Men and do their best to inform other …. others who are the majority … in the darkness of ignorance….. while elected governments try to inject all little children … Childre who have NO SAY!
    Innocent Children at the mercy of irresponsible biological parents or carers.
    The root cause of our Families’ irresponsible ways, is the fact that both Church and State Governments have failed miserably to train all Children in our compulsory school ed. system to become responsible parents and citizens.

    Thank You Brother, All Guests & Readers
    Concerned Families International Network
    The Christ-like Way!
    Friends of humanely ethical, moral science and legislation in all matters re. Church and State Governments’ Population Policy.

  3. Yes, brave men who are trying to do the right thing, to put the people responsible behind bars. I just wonder if they will succeed.
    Jesus Christ is the ultimate and righteous judge though so sooner or later they will be punished.

    God bless

  4. PLEASE LORD JESUS CHRIST inform us if this is TRUTH, if Doctor Malone, Robert Kennedy, Michael Yeadon, and any others involved are whom they present themselves to be or if they are otherwise, and if their TRUTHFUL INTENTION is that JUSTICE will be done.

    JOHN 3: 27
    John [the Baptist ] answered, and said: A man cannot receive any thing, unless it be given him from heaven.

  5. Thank you to these men who are trying to bring this terror machine to justice. We must realize, however, that the peoe behind all of this covid lies are minions of Satan and they will not stop. They are on a mission and will do anything to get people off the trail so as to fulfill their mission, even start a war or perpetrate a mock alien invasion. They are serious and we are in for dark times before the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphs.

  6. Thank you Brother. We need a serious ground swell of prayer warriors behind all these men and their efforts (including yours)! Let us not to forget to include them all in our prayers.

    sed líbera nos a málo


  7. Based on the videos in which you expose the strategy of expansion-contraction truth-lie tactics upon which these powers in high places evade justice, how does one know whom to believe and distrust? I have yet, beginning with Watergate, ever seen any real justice. In fact, I might not recognize it if it ever does.

    Personally, I would like to have a much clearer vision of these lawyers’ optimal outcome for the societies. I have a hard time believing the Chinese, Masons, corporate stooges and fellow travellers will experience one iota of comeuppance. They are all too imbeded, powerful, and sly. The content of the interviews sounds sensational/demogogical when one filters it by the framework of the cautions contained in the the cautionary videos present on this site.

    I want to believe the evil will finally be punished. I want to believe Dr. Fuellmilch. He stated,however, in an earlier video that he believes organized religion is but a means of control. He mentions buzzwords like “structuring” and ” working regionally” and independence from those far removed. It sounds like the sort of vagueness and lack of accountability that got us in this pickle. I want to know the titles of positions and criteria for determine guilt and complicity. Celebrities, athletes, owners, directors, professors, human resource directors,lawyers, judges,scientists. doctors counselors, clergy, police, department heads, teachers, principles ALL ….OVER… THE… WHOLE… WORLD!!!!

    The phrase ” tutto cambia perché nulla cambi” comes to mind.

    Granted, masonically organized pedophili-orama alla romana e immigration alla allah and alla pachamama seems to strengthen his contention, i guess my point is: can we trust him and the legal system, especially when, once again, he admits the legal system will not achieve meaningful change in and of itself and that “the people” will have to do so, and then the future legal system that upon which the mysterious “they” are working on will be implemented by all the miraculously virtuous and competent people who will implement it. Feels like another bamboozle.

    It also sounds as though we may each be bribed with 1,000,000,000 to just forget the whole thing happened and be unjust in some sort of amnesty, just as in Eastern Europe where, as far as I can recollect, no noteworthy cooperators were ever punished and people were incentivized by illusions and distracted from ever “fundamentally transforming” anything.

    I want to believe, but the “heads up” videos suggest to me poster boy Bill Gates , as all other marquis madmen will never be brought to justice. And we will just gave to accept that the children of all these evil people will benefit and find a way to perpetuate evil.

    1. We are similarly wary of all the players / actors as we see many problems with believing that their motivations are sincere.
      The plan and plot of the globalists at the top [ the 13 families who control the others who are their frontmen and women ] have revealed that they will control all communications including that which will be their controlled opposition.

      GOD KNOWS who, what , when, where, etc. and HE is in charge of EVERYTHING NO MATTER who what when. where, etc.

      We have comfort and consolation that GOD is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. GOD IS EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING IS OF GOD. IN GOD WE TRUST.

      GOD has revealed through the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY
      that HE requires a turning back to HIM, HIS WAYS, HIS TRUTH, and HIS LIFE through repentance. The daily Rosary has been given to all who trust in GOD as this is a weapon for the least of those of us who believe in HIS PLAN.

      GOD’S PLAN is NOW unfolding in ways in which we both can and cannot understand. The forthcoming defeat of satan and all his minions is certain, but we must all do our part.

      Let me emphasize that ALWAYS and AGAIN satan and his minions WILL BE DEFEATED BY GOD.

      Thanks be to GOD for Brother Bugnolo for all that he does to help us understand and maneuver through these evil times in which we are presently living.



  8. In the U.S., insurance companies have an army of actuarials (professional mathematicians) who measure market conditions which will translate into benchmarks used by carriers to price their premium. If you have any company in the U.S., most likely you have noticed a spike in Long and Short term “Workers Comp” claims submitted by employees as of result of the shots. 2022 and 2023 will see unprecedented costs in policy premiums because the amount of money disbursed by carriers as of result of vaccine injuries have triggered a reassessment in market conditions. Point blank, insurance companies have a really good measure, by way of the number of claims submitted during the last fiscal year, of the vaccine injuries. Let’s not forget that in the U.S., unlike in Europe, Healthcare is a private business, and thus economic and statistical data is the life and blood of provate business. Therefore, the CEO assessment of 40% is very much real and accurate.

  9. These are real men and I feel some trepidation for the safety of their lives. God must have his hand on them and all who dare to speak out against this unspeakable evil in these days. I ask the Lord to keep his hand of protection on them, in Jesus name I ask, AMEN

  10. “As it was in the days of Noah’, said the lord Jesus…. Here we are… Wickedness has the upper hand!… sin fills the Earth! The masses are vaccine deluded!….Come Lord Jesus in thy Fiery judgment and deliver the righteous!… john B

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