Fuellmich & Bosi discuss Hanging Freemasons & Prosecuting Globalists

Editor’s Note: These two propose a grave error and false vision of Christianity, in which they say that Christians should not use violence to punish the unjust for injustice, which turns the narrative in favor of the Globalists and implies that those being genocided should simply take it and accept it, doing nothing sufficient and effective or necessary to defend themselves.

But  other than that, they present some good ideas.

The Graphene Oxide in the DeathVaxx is to make Zombie Apocalypse a reality

Highlights: Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on Bio-hacking

[This video contains adult language, here at there — click image above for full report.]

” So… The endpoint of this is that they’re going to… What they want to do is bio-hack the brain and bio-hack people. And yeah, that’s what I wanted to say…..

…..And they were taking the example of a surgeon. Of course, they want to make it look like it’s good, but you can also use it badly. So, they took the example and said that, if a neurosurgeon wants to make an operation in the Philippines and wants to take control of a person’s hand by his thinking, they can analyze his pattern lighting… We’re electric beings. We’re bioelectronic, so it’s easy to see the pattern. And then they transmit… The person has graphene, and they can transfer the pattern by WiFi. And the person in the Philippines gets the hands going into a pattern of a surgeon. And the person even says, “Oh, it’s very strange. I don’t even do anything, and I’m directed by this program.”

“So can you see where I’m going? I’m going to this zombie pandemic### ZOMBIE PANDEMIC, because what they’re doing now is tha …..”

CIA Sponsored “controlled Opposition” Anti-Passport Demonstration at Rome”

Editor’s Note: This is live today. It began at 3 PM Rome Time, today, January 15, 2022 A. D.. If you are having trouble viewing this see the Original URL, by clicking here.

This was originally billed as a massive sit in at EUR, the modern city built by Mussolini, in southern Rome. But the proposal seemed so ridiculous they moved it to the piazza in front of Saint John Lateran, which can hold a few thousand.  They had wanted 100,000 to come, but its clear that has not happened.  The prime movers of this protest, are those who participated in a previous failed march against the Parliament, which went instead to invade a Union HQ, in a sort of Italian mini Jan. 6 debacle, with many persons arrested, held in custody and tortured.

Doctor who saved over 8000, speaks out on the Covid Plandemic

Editor’s Note: You can find this video at https://odysee.com/@heddahenrik:b/ModigaChetty:5. The Name of the Doctor is Dr. Chetty. He speaks on his experience regarding the breathlessness symptom occurring on the 8th day after the flue symptoms, which he diagnosis as an allergic reaction. His explanation shows a true scientific methodology of diagnosis.

In the principal part of this video, Dr. Chetty explains how the narrative was intentionally manipulated to produce false data and higher mortality.

Dr. Chetty while holding to the theory that viruses exist and cause disease, admits that all his patients had normal influenza symptoms. Only some of them on the 8th day had breathlessness, which he diagnosed as an allergic reaction and cured accordingly.

While he believes this allergic reaction is caused by the spike protein, he did not investigate this.