CIA Sponsored “controlled Opposition” Anti-Passport Demonstration at Rome”

Editor’s Note: This is live today. It began at 3 PM Rome Time, today, January 15, 2022 A. D.. If you are having trouble viewing this see the Original URL, by clicking here.

This was originally billed as a massive sit in at EUR, the modern city built by Mussolini, in southern Rome. But the proposal seemed so ridiculous they moved it to the piazza in front of Saint John Lateran, which can hold a few thousand.  They had wanted 100,000 to come, but its clear that has not happened.  The prime movers of this protest, are those who participated in a previous failed march against the Parliament, which went instead to invade a Union HQ, in a sort of Italian mini Jan. 6 debacle, with many persons arrested, held in custody and tortured.

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