Doctor who saved over 8000, speaks out on the Covid Plandemic

Editor’s Note: You can find this video at The Name of the Doctor is Dr. Chetty. He speaks on his experience regarding the breathlessness symptom occurring on the 8th day after the flue symptoms, which he diagnosis as an allergic reaction. His explanation shows a true scientific methodology of diagnosis.

In the principal part of this video, Dr. Chetty explains how the narrative was intentionally manipulated to produce false data and higher mortality.

Dr. Chetty while holding to the theory that viruses exist and cause disease, admits that all his patients had normal influenza symptoms. Only some of them on the 8th day had breathlessness, which he diagnosed as an allergic reaction and cured accordingly.

While he believes this allergic reaction is caused by the spike protein, he did not investigate this.

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17 thoughts on “Doctor who saved over 8000, speaks out on the Covid Plandemic”

  1. I saw Shankara Chetty as guest at Füllmich’s friday event. Alexis, did you tell the American people about dr. Biscardi?

  2. Well, I recognize this man because he used to be an American doctor. What I mean by that is, American doctors were once methodology minded as Dr. Chetty is, but far too many of them have abandoned that as well as the Hippocratic Oath, and become shills for the government. Having grown accustomed to very good medical care for many decades, imagine my surprise to find out that during Covid, NO medical care was offered, except go home and wait to see if you turned colors. This is not medical care, and nothing since then has changed my realization that doctors have checked their gonads at the door, and become complicit partners in whatever this unholy mess is. They helped, but not their patients.
    I am not a medical person, but adding an antihistamine is a good idea based on this good doctor’s findings. Steroids seem often used as well and are often part of a protocol. This is what happens when doctors do their job, and do not allow themselves to be threatened into abandoning their patients by not prescribing what they know may be helpful, or at least trying to find out. Doctors refusing to allow sick patients into their office (happened to me), failing to prescribe ANYTHING (happened to me), and failing to follow up with those patients, have truly failed to do the weighty but privileged job they took on, and have destroyed the trust most people once had with them and with the entire medical field, which looks like nothing but a large group of shills and cowards now.

    1. The Hippocrates oath has nothing to do with governments, deception, evil and etc bs,you are assuming!
      Have you read the oath?
      Don’t mess up Hellenic (Greek) wisdom with the bs of cabal. After all without them ,not even mathematics will be known to humans.
      I’m here to tell you,that those who indeed gave the oath and broke it their life became miserable.

      1. The Hippocratic Oath is nothing if the practitioner has no compassion….The unrighteous mammon seems to be at the heart of those who no longer have claim to the Oath….

        The Oath was put in place to govern Righteous practice!

        Many, many practitioners & Pharmacies get handouts from Big Pharma & Government to promote/push their drugs including the evil so called ‘Covid Vaccine program’ against people’s will… There is no Oath in practice, by forcing an unproven vaccine upon the unwilling….

        All wisdom of this world has it’s roots in “the fruit” of the tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil. Gen 3:6 ….john B

    2. Your story mimics mine — absolutely NO help.
      But did have a fine “discussion” with the doc about the jab. That was all he offered.
      No jab—no help.
      Something quite fishy in medical Denmark, aka US healthcare!!!!

    1. Its the bright lights in her home studio, they cause you to blink excessively, when the lights are badly positioned.

    2. A lot of people have dry eye syndrome. Thankfully I never have. But I have seen and heard of it a lot.


  4. Since June of this year, I have been battling hives and intense itching which pops up suddenly, afflicts one part ofy body and then moves to another until tne hives and itching have made the rounds and then poof, it is gone. I am having an allergic reaction to something and no test can tell me exactly what is going on with me. It isn’t food. It isn’t medication. I know of several people of different ages, both male and female who are having similar issues. All of us are not vaxxed and we cannot find answers. I believe that it due to whatever the vaxxed are shedding, we are having an allergic reaction. Is it the spike protein? Is it the graphene oxide? Only God knows….and perhaps good doctors such as Dr. Chetty.

  5. I was vaccined in April/May 2021!!! Starting seven days after the second jab I started new skin afflictions which turned into Herpes virus. Saw dermatologist twice and in October had skin tested! Yes, still skin problems on the side I was vaccined and in December got Shingles on the same spot that has been afflicted by the herpes. Skin so red by the site and the pox just stay. No doctor saw in person just send me a photo. Been on to many fungus and virus drugs and it all started with vaccines that made me itch and afflictions still around after 8 months past. NO BEFORE THESE SHOTS NEVER HAD SO MANY SKIN PROBLEMS.

    1. My daughter had J&J which set off a persistent case of hives about 3 months later. Finally kicked it after 90 days of a prescribed strong antihistamine. My husband is unvaxxed and had a crazy case of shingles on his face and in his eye beginning one week after he lost his sense of taste for 8 weeks (meaning it was definitely C19). He has a history of mild recurrent shingles but not on his face and not for such a long period of time. I think it is the spike protein in the original C19 causing allergic or suppressed viral reactions. The later variants don’t seem to have the same affects.

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