USA: 4 American Bishops regard Bergoglio as a heretic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Our sources in the United States of American have confirmed that there are at least 4 America Bishops who consider Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) a heretic.

Most of these Bishops, however, are unwilling to come out in public and speak their mind.

It appears they are looking for a Divine intervention or action from the College of Cardinals to resolve the crisis in the Catholic Church.

FromRome.Info can confirm, however, that one of these, Msgr. Rene Henry Gracida, former Bishop of Corpus Christi, has been saying this for many years.

In Poland, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga also publicly decries Bergoglio as a heretic.

None of these bishops have been censured by the Vatican. A fact which seems to indicate wide spread agreement in the Roman Curia on these points.

FromRome.Info reported similar news in April of last year (including the serious dissension in the Italian Episocopate) that there are at least a similar number of Italian Bishops who think the same, who are also publicly reticent for the same reasons.