USA: 4 American Bishops regard Bergoglio as a heretic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Our sources in the United States of American have confirmed that there are at least 4 America Bishops who consider Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) a heretic.

Most of these Bishops, however, are unwilling to come out in public and speak their mind.

It appears they are looking for a Divine intervention or action from the College of Cardinals to resolve the crisis in the Catholic Church.

FromRome.Info can confirm, however, that one of these, Msgr. Rene Henry Gracida, former Bishop of Corpus Christi, has been saying this for many years.

In Poland, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga also publicly decries Bergoglio as a heretic.

None of these bishops have been censured by the Vatican. A fact which seems to indicate wide spread agreement in the Roman Curia on these points.

FromRome.Info reported similar news in April of last year (including the serious dissension in the Italian Episocopate) that there are at least a similar number of Italian Bishops who think the same, who are also publicly reticent for the same reasons.

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13 thoughts on “USA: 4 American Bishops regard Bergoglio as a heretic”

  1. Garcia, a Doctor of Canon Law, has been saying for years that Bergoglio’s “election” was at least questionable, if not outrightly invalid, which is a far cry more than simply declaring the Jesuit to be a heretic.

    Ironically, how much more difficult would be the situation were Bergoglio a genuine shepherd….

    However, I am unaware of any claims/evidence that the false Petrine claimants between 1378-1414 were enemies of the Doctrine of the Faith; what we have here is something quite different/terrifying, perhaps surpassed only by the Arian heresy in the life of the Mystical Body.

    Dear Jesus, hasten to send us Thy latter-day Athanasius!

    1. No, no antipopes during the Great Schism were heretics. They all promoted zealously the Catholic Faith.

  2. If this IS true, the identity of the three US fathers must become know for their sake because anonymity is of the devil. The rest of em need to get Catholicism fast because of their willing complicity, and total lack of mercy the past 5 years.

  3. There was ,this snowed in Sunday morning in my City, an ecumenical panel on Fox channel nationally a very impressive American Bishop whose name I’m unsure of but I believe it was Olson.He spoke the truth.

  4. Paul F. Do you mean GRACIDA versus Garcia.

    Bishop Gracida has been the only Bishop that openly has opposed Bergolio. Other Bishops that kind of hint to that same conclusion still name Bergolio in the canon of the Mass, so publicly they still follow him.

  5. Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX has stated he will not take the abortion-tainted vaxx. He might be one.

    Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco has also stated publicly that he has not taken the vaxx in consultation with his doctor who told him he did not need it.

    I’ve received blessings from both of these bishops, Deo gratias.

  6. These bishops who will not come out publicly remain part of the problem! By not saying it publicly these bishops only perpetuate the insanity!

  7. Bergoglio is not even a occult heretic, but a manifest heretic. There is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that he is a formal heretic.

    I’m thinking that just like politicians and “elites” around the world, the majority of the Catholic Church hierarchy has been blackmailed, probably for complicity to sex crimes. The rest, who don’t think he’s a heretic, don’t even know the Catholic faith, even after studying it in the seminary.

    Heard of Jeffrey Epstein? He went around offering pedophiliac sex, and no doubt so he could blackmail “elites” who took up his offer.

  8. It’s time the secular community “at large” (i.e., independent of religious organizations) to take charge of the matter.
    Bishops are too shy and scared of losing their emoluments. But perhaps, at the same time, they are simply trying to outsmart Bergoglio, i.e., waiting for Bergoglio himself to die. However this may be unwise: according to the Revelation, the Black Beast will miraculously recover from an apparently deadly illness!

  9. If Benedict never validly resigned, does it even matter whether Bergoglio is a heretic, as far as papal legitimacy is concerned? It matters regarding the salvation of his own soul of course. If Benedict did not resign properly, then they could bring in a naive saint, and he would still not be a pope. He would just do less harm.

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