USA: Medicare sends letters out urging the DeathVaxx Boosters

In the USA, to send through the US Mail a letter which promotes the sale of a product by making false statements, is to perpetrate the federal crimes of fraud in advertising and mail fraud:

You can file a complaint with your local Post Master, if you or your loved ones receives such a letter. The penalty for mail fraud is $10,000 PER LETTER sent out.

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5 thoughts on “USA: Medicare sends letters out urging the DeathVaxx Boosters”

  1. How is it possible to fool all of the people all of the time ? The chip is the end game of all of this virus stuff. This is a trial for them to estimate how many of us will submit our willing hand to be led into the modern form of the gas chamber. The result is the same but it’s cheaper to allow us to submit ourselves to our own death willingly.

  2. One came to our house. I saved it for evidence of fraud but hadn’t known to show it to the postmaster. EXCELLENT idea!

  3. I was told that I need to contact Postal Inspectors at 1-877-876-2455. Select 4 for mail fraud.

    Also, in June 2021, the VA mailed out “Be a Hero, Get a Jab” letters to veterans. The last two sentences of the second paragraph say, “The three vaccines available in the United States have been extensively studied and are proven to be safe and effective. Each of us is safer as more of our community is vaccinated.” (Emphasis added by me to hi-light the fraudulent claims.)

    The last two sentences of the final paragraph also contain propaganda if not fraud. They say, “Getting the vaccine and ensuring others do the same is one way you can continue to protect those with whom you served, your family and your community. You can protect them from this terrible disease that has already claimed too many lives.”

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