What is in the DeathVaxxes, mRNA to prevent the body fighting spike protein?

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6 thoughts on “What is in the DeathVaxxes, mRNA to prevent the body fighting spike protein?”

  1. Brother Bugnolo

    Has anyone considered the effect of EMP upon Graphene Oxide (GO) or Graphene Hydroxide (GH) ?

    Would not G O fry the insides of the vaccinated during EMP exposure ?

    What are the ramifications to having the military injected with GO or GH?

    Here is a video I found on the internet. The potential harm is truly frightening .


    1. I think you are correct. But that is why they deathvaxxed the military in the West, so that the Chinese can invade and take over the world in a matter of weeks.

  2. Graphene oxide it appears, it is taken directly in to the cells by directly interfering with macrophage activation (this is what you would require to ‘digest’ intra and extra cellular debris). It destroys the cell membrane. It also attracts toxic metals like cadmium. I went back to verify this toxin specifically via Chinese research in 2018, independently of other factors using the million dollar equipment required for viewing nano particles. The research provided pictures that look exactly like the destroyed blood cells that are shown on the internet, mis-shaped, collapsing and destroyed cells. In other Chinese research they found that chloroquine attenuated the effect.

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