Ice Age Farmer: Food Shortages and US Military Grant to develop Soylent Green

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8 thoughts on “Ice Age Farmer: Food Shortages and US Military Grant to develop Soylent Green”

  1. “Soylent green is people”, as they say in the movie.
    I heard from a guy researching this fake food that he believes they will mix in human genes or actual flesh somehow into the meat. Then we will literally become cannibals.
    “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Many people in Noah’s days were practising cannibalism.
    Personally, I am not going to eat that meat.

    God bless

    1. God Bless

  2. They are already chemically decomposing dead people and using them as fertilizer. They have pigs with human genes ostensibly to make organs that can be transplanted, but so these pigs with human parts wind up in the grocery stores? They seem determined to turn us into cannibals. Then human spongiform encephalitis is on its way! Ask oldest Papua New Guineans how much fun that is. They will remember people who had Kuru, which is incurable.

  3. Prophecy full filled? ? ? ? With *Demoncrats running the show….Anything is possible!

    Get yourself right with God, & Jesus***…..North Korea, Russia, China, & Iran…definitely have designs on our country….{ Knowing Biden, & his corrupt regime, is “selling out America”}!

  4. Don’t take the jab for starters, we KNOW it is in there. This ‘zombie, cannibal whatever crap’ we’ll take it as it comes or I should say not take it. Survival food, plant gardens collect rain water stuff like that.

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