The Globalists will soon do in the Public Officials who served them the Great Reset

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22 thoughts on “The Globalists will soon do in the Public Officials who served them the Great Reset”

  1. I had some discussions lately with “vaccinated” people where I was the only one not “vaccinated”. One question always silences them all: How many times have you (idiots) to get “vaccinated” until you realize that you are not vaccinated?

  2. Fauci et al will be made into lightning rods directing our attention away from the money-men working behind the curtain within the shadows who control financial hegemony.

  3. Dear Alexis, is it true the news about Court of Common Law in Vancouver??? I pray it is. It could safe many lives.

  4. I have an exemption given to me by myself. Suggest everyone who values life and health does the same. Those sheep puppets will soon be scapegoats as soon as they are no longer useful. Good luck fools👍

  5. Not sure I can handle all of the sorrow to come from losing children, their spouses, my grandchildren, family members, friends, & neighbors. Not sure my heart can handle it…just saying.

    1. We need to pray and keep in mind, that we are not made for this world, but for the world to come. Let us pray together for all who are to die, that in their last moment, at the very latest, they repent of what they did, and turn back to God.

  6. Thank you for posting this, Brother. I found this fellow quite compelling — who is he?

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        Thank you for everything Br. Alexis
        and greetings from Portland,Oregon

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        I apologize to you Br. Bugnolo for the confusion.

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  7. Let us remember Yuri Bezmenov who defected over the KGB kill lists for India (some on those lists had become his friends). Those who were the most ardent supporters of Marxism became strident counter revolutionaries and therefore had to be eliminated. Stalin killed almost everyone around him. I suppose paranoia coupled with a desire for complete control. Besmenov spoke of their complete disdain for those who believed the lies told them.

  8. Really good post and video Brother Alexis!

    This is what I just posted on Facebook as well as my 2 very active messenger groups with a link to this article:

    All the people complicit in the fake covid “pandemic” and covid bioweapons shots from the top head of your governments and their lying scientists down to the Corporate officers of private industry like the airlines, the hospitals, the teacher unions, and local government officials, they all will be silenced or exterminated by the cabal and deep state very soon because they can’t let the truth come out from these bribed people! The cabal and deep state will protect themselves, but all the people doing their dirty work will soon be exterminated – dead people tell no tales! Interesting that their fate will be just like what they did when they killed dr. Timothy Cunningham Ph.D. from the CDC, because he knew too much and tried to stop what the CDC/NIH and many others were trying to do to enable the Great Reset, that the Cabal/DeepState ordered!

    At least the cabal/deep state will save all of us regular people and the resulting change of our government heads the trouble of executing these traitors of the human race! Should be some very interesting times coming up, if you are still alive to see it !

    If we all stand together, we will win this war against God and humanity!

    1. Lisa McGrath; Only God will put a stop to this.. That is my prayer…” May God arise and His enemies be scattered” john B

  9. Today,I spoke to a dear pensioner friend who is trying to save her father in a nursing home. He is 95. he will die if she does not feed him as there is a shortage of food there.In order to feed him she must get a RAT test daily. She will buy them in bulk costing her $200 a week. After rent etc she will barely be able to eat. Can some-one please tell me why relatives have to be tested daily. ?She is triple vaccinated as well as her father.She said the kits come from China.It seems to me they are making good money out of this person’s pain.Pray for the frail elderly and their carers.

    1. Yes, we pray for the elderly and others who are dependent for care, even food. When we understand that everything is a set-up to cause isolation and death esp. for these folk, we understand that there is no logic to “requirements” and they are in place for the opposite of what is stated. God will deliver the weak to His comfort.

  10. As someone who was terminated from 19 years of service in the airline industry for not complying with a State government mandate to be forcibly vaccinated against my conscience knowing some of the issues I was aware of ,I can truly say this whole debacle is a worldwide scam with an evil sinister side that most people willing to be vaxxed are deliberately ignoring.In my country the regulatory body that controls therapeutic drugs the TGA is no longer publicly funded.It turns out it is ( before the pandemic) now funded by big pharma giving them the gatekeeper role and having 100% influence over our politicians.The governing body over doctors it now turns out is run by the Prime ministers brother and at the height of the scamdemic was threatening doctors with deregistration if they administered ivermectin which was banned. It turns out now it is super effective against Covid 19 and would have saved many lives and helped thousands quickly recover. Yet was deliberately shut out by the government and medical fraternity.The TGA’s own DAENS website for adverse reactions showed just under 100,000 adverse reactions including myocarditis,pericarditis,Bell’s palsy and neurological conditions for the year 2021 ,but was ignored by the lamestream media in Australia keeping the public in the dark to silence dissent..Given the population of Australia is around 25,000,000 and the TGA admits only about 5% of adverse reactions are recorded by doctors Etc this means potentially there were 1 to 2 million adverse reactions that largely were kept out of the public’s eyes and ears.Not only this but deaths have been totally hushed up and will never be factored into any debate to give a way of escape to all the criminals involved in this lie.Anybody bothered to look into the nano technology which has now been identified as being in these death shots,seems as though nobody in any of the lamestream world media knows or cares about this subversive invasion of sovereign human being bodies without their knowledge worldwide

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