Today is the 151st Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparition at Pontmain

Click the above to read a very fine article by Sister Mary Joseph, about Our Lady’s apparition at Pontmain, France, in 1871, and the prayers She asked Her children to say during the night, for world peace.

This is the Church at Pontmain, today.

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  1. Yes, thank you for posting this!! As a lover of everything French (that is good), this is definitely one of the lesser known (but great) apparitions in France — among the many that have occurred there in the years after the freemasonic French (provocateured) “revolution” that catapulted the entire world into its increasingly freemasonic domination.

    I would like to point out, with all due respect to the cited English articles, that the translation of the most famous words of the apparition, are just a bit off, and display a little poetic license that seems to have been taken with the English. “Mon Fils se laisse toucher” translates more precisely as “My Son allows Himself to be touched” (i.e., “moved”) This can be seen in the first link below (a pdf) which is the English version of a French web page that shows us about the Pontmain pastor, Fr. Michel Guerin. With those famous words, Our Lady was, of course, indicating that her Son would respond favorably to the prayers of these humble villagers (rosaries, etc., that had been constant and fervent, especially during the war that was then underway.)

    It is interesting to note that it is believed that Our Lady came to Pontmain specifically due to the very holy pastor (whose cause for Beatification has been opened). Her physical appearance and the details of the candles and stars of the apparition correspond pretty much directly and beautifully to the precise devotions and practices of the village’s holy priest, Fr. Michel Guerin. Additionally, it has been noted that Our Lady began to interact with the people (other than her inviting smile for the children) ONLY after Fr. Guerin arrived and took his place as pastor with the people.
    Fr. Guerin was a fervent apostle of Our Lady in the Pontmain parish where he served for about 35 years. His story is a bit like that of the Cure of Ars.

    So, it is my understanding that with her appearance in Pontmain, not only did Our Lady END (immediately!) the war that was on French soil at the time; and not only did she visibly interact with and respond to the villagers below in a very unique way; and not only did she answer what had been the constant prayers of these good people by bringing back home unharmed ALL of their young men who fought in that war, but she showed to the world the importance of one good priest — through whose efforts and devotion it seems that Heaven itself was dramatically drawn down to his obscure, lowly parish of Pontmain.

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