The Great Die-Off can no longer be denied. Massive Deaths in next few months…

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When the flue season comes, the chaos will begin. Thus I titled my video warning the world back in mid June of 2021.  There have been many who have scoffed at my warning, but now we can weep in sorrow at the truth.

There has been a 65% increase in the deaths of middle-aged Americans, since the DeathVaxx roll out, according to CDC data.

Click the image above for the full report.

But let’s reflect on this news.

Last month, a CEO of a leading life-insurance company said they were seeing a 40% increase in mortality in the 3rd quarter.

But to have a 65% increase over all, would mean that the 4th quarter was dramatically worse.

Let’s assume in the 1st Q the CEO saw no appreciable increase, say 5%.  In the second 10%, and in the third 40%. To arrive at 65% for the whole year, the death rate must have increased by 205%.

That is apocalyptic.

Even more so when one considers the growth rate of the death rate between the 3rd Q and the 4th Q, which was 500%.   That is an extinction rate event.

If that rate increases, the death rate for the 1st Q of 2022 should be AT LEAST 1000%, and may be even higher!

The scoffers keep asking where are the dead bodies.

Perhaps by Easter you will see them. Surely by summer, even on the sidewalks, beaches, bars and gas stations.

I hope not. But with the causes of the death known now with certitude and the rate of death manifesting, the Great Die-off is more certain than ever.

And this is just for the USA.

Pray and brace yourselves. 2022 will be a year of great lamentation.

Pope Benedict XVI explicitly affirms that He is the Pope, the Vicar of Christ

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The indomitable Andrea Cionci, who reads German, has been plowing through the long biography of Pope Benedict XVI by Peter Seewald, who in 2016 published a book length interview with the Bavarian Pope.

And, while he has uncovered numerous instances where Pope Benedict XVI makes statements, which logically indicate that he knows that he is the one and only pope and asks the world to recognize that, there is none more explicit as his recent discovery, which I now quote:

Ecco, cosa abbiamo appena “visto” (finalmente) a pag. 23 di “Ultime conversazioni” di Peter Seewald (Garzanti), opera del 2016.

Domanda del giornalista tedesco: “Uno s’immagina che il papa, il vicario di Cristo sulla Terra, debba avere un rapporto particolarmente stretto, intimo, con il Signore”.

Risposta di papa Ratzinger:Sì, dovrebbe essere così, e non è che IO abbia la sensazione che Lui sia lontano. Posso sempre parlargli nel mio intimo. Ma sono comunque una piccola, misera creatura che non sempre riesce ad arrivare fino a Lui”.

Which I render into English thus:

Behold what we have just glimpsed (finally) on p. 23 of the “Last Conversations” of Peter Seewald (Garzanti Publishers), printed in 2016:

The German journalist asks:  “One imagines that the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on Earth, ought to have a particular and close relationship with the Lord”.

To which Pope Ratzinger replies: “Yes, it should be so, and it is not that I have the sensation that He is far away. I can always speak to him in my heart. But nevertheless I am a small, miserable creature who does not always arrive at Him“.

For the full article by Andrea Cionci, click on the image above.

For this testimony to be on page 23 of Seewald’s book, and yet ignored by all the Vatican press for 5 years, is incredible.  It shows both how complete is the masonic plot against Christ and His Vicar, and how full of hatred these clergy and laity have for the Vicar of the Living God.

Let us pray for the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, especially as his 95 birthday draws close on Holy Saturday,  April 16, of this year. celebrates the beginning of its Third Year

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On January 16, 2020, I reserved the Doman Name,, and about a week later upgraded my blog at WordPress, From Rome, to an online electronic journal.

Two years and more than 11 million human readers later, FromRome.Info begins its 3rd year of operation, with every increasing, though modest readership.

About 25,000 read the journal daily, and there are about 1300 daily subscribers to our notices of new articles.

FromRome.Info provides its readers with the latest quality information about the Great Reset from selected sources world wide. Our network of informants and citizen journalists enable us to keep up on whats happening from hundreds of news outlets and sources, and all the leading experts.

There are presently over 5700 articles and more than 20,000 comments.  The videos produced at FromRome.Info have been seen by more than 1 million viewers in the last 12 months.

None of this would be possible, however, without the strong support of the readerships.

As Editor, I wish therefore to simply thank each and every one of you!

THANK YOU!  And may the Lord God preserve you this year!

Dr. Mercola claims that SarsCov2 exists and has been isolated

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Recently, Dr. Mercola supports his claim, that SarsCov2 exists and is real and has been isolated by using a very, very loose definition of “isolation”. As his article may soon be taken down by himself — he claims that he is persecuted for having his articles on line too long (as thing which is absurd, since there are 1000s of servers in the world where you can host your site without censorship) — you may want to copy it and save it for reference..

His argument is, that since some non purified clinical samples have been taken from humans and animals, in which a PCR test shows that some of the genome of the claimed mythical SarsCov2 is found, that that proves the SarsCov2 virus exists.

I am not a M. D., and have no training in virology or medicine, but even I can see that Dr. Mercola is deceiving his readership. This is evident, from an analogy.

If someone where to claim that I had 100 euros in my walled, an honest proof would be to discover 100 euros in my wallet. But if my wallet contained 122 US dollars, which is the equivalent of 100 euros, he could not honestly prove his claim, because he claimed one thing and attempted to prove it by another measure.

Likewise, if I claim that John poisoned Peter by putting arsenic in his cup. That arsenic be found in his cup does not prove that John poisoned Peter, nor even that Peter was poisoned by another human being, because some water wells and city water supplies have arsenic in them.  It does not even prove that Peter died from arsenic poisoning.

Likewise, if one finds any strand of RNA or DNA which is also found in a claimed mythical virus, that proves nothing, especially when the claimed gene sequence of the mythical virus includes pre-existing natural gene sequences found everywhere in nature.

In my opinion, therefore, Dr. Mercola needs to clarify himself or take down his dishonest article.

The Argentine Govt. admitted in court filings that AstraZeneca contains Graphene Oxide

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The war for the truth got real, on January 11th, last, when the official agency of the Argentine Government, ANMAT, admitted in its court filings that the AstraZeneca “Vaccine” contained graphene oxide.

The story in Spainsh is here:

Days later, however, the Argentine Govt. website issued an anonymous public declaration, saying that it was a typographical error, and the word, “not” should have been written before “contain”.  This latter declaration is not signed by anyone.

That statement in Spanish can be found here:

This retraction, however, is not published on the ANMAT website. And thus must be judged to be a falsification, for now.

How significant this admission in a court filing is, can be discerned from ANMAT’s own website, which describes ANMAT in these words (English version from ANMAT website):

The National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Devices (ANMAT) is an agency decentralized from the National Public Administration that was created by decree 1490/92. It cooperates in the protection of human health by assuring the quality of the products it regulates: drugs, foodstuff, medicinal products, diagnosis reagents, cosmetic products, dietary supplements and household cleaning products. Having a nationwide jurisdiction, it was created in August 1992 and ever since its group of professionals and technicians have worked with modern technology in order to efficiently fulfill the process of authorization, registration, standardization, vigilance and monitoring of the products used in the human medicine, food and cosmetic fields.

If you want to travel to Europe, fly into Budapest first

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am often asked by those who want to travel, but who are gravely offended, as is right, by the Sanitary Dictates of various nations, how is it that they can continue to travel and legally avoid the observance of these rules.

While I am no expert, I have noticed that for US citizens and many others, who can enter the Schengen Area of Europe without a visa, for tourist trips up to 90 days, that if you fly into Budapest, Hungary, there is no obligation to get the DeathSwab, the DeathVaxx or present a DeathVaxx Passport.

Perhaps this is why the US State Dept. discourages US Citizens from flying to Hungary.  For more information, see the State Dept. official website, here:

Once you land in Budapest, rent a car, and then you can travel to all the other nations of the EU and the Schengen area if you simply arrive by car. You will not be asked for further controls, except if you arrive at a lodging or restaurant which wants to observe them.

While these are many, one strategy to avoid the inconvenience of being refused, is to stay at 1 room BnBs where the owner and you alone meet in private. Usually, they will agree, and sometimes an extra bonus for them will help them see how kind it is for them to agree.  Same thing is true for small restaurants and bars, especially when they are off the main roads.

Europe is under a Sanitary Dictatorship in all other countries, but Hungary is making it possible for the free peoples of the Earth to still travel to Europe.

(Check the local conditions and rules before your plan your trip, as these can change daily).