Are Gloria.TV and Church Militant TV moving toward recognizing Pope Benedict XVI?

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5 thoughts on “Are Gloria.TV and Church Militant TV moving toward recognizing Pope Benedict XVI?”

  1. I will give Michael Voris credit for openly calling for Bergoglio to resign, he had the courage to do that.

    People like Michael Matt I have zero use for, “crisis in the church” appears to be his business model and later he’ll probably say “see, we knew he wasn’t pope all along”.

  2. I don’t see is going to recognize Bergoglio as a pope. All comics, most of the user comments are against him. It’s a pretty opinion-disperesed site. But all in all it’s anti-Francis biased.

  3. It should not take them this long. Nine years! They are either extremely stupid or controlled opposition in order to buy time for the globalists.

    It was evident from the start that Bergoglio was an antipope. Vatican I states dogmatically that a pope cannot teach error. If you have “two popes,” one of them obviously is an antipope, and the one who constantly teaches error (either explicitly or by omission) is the antipope.

  4. As long as Gloria TV keeps on it’s staff trolls like that 1 doctor from England who trolled attacked us at Ordo Militaris Radio TV when we had accounts over there; not going back. If they accept Pope Benedict, that is good and that would mean they would also have to drop what they are currently doing if someone posts Benedict is Pope; I think you covered it here.

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