Dr. Mercola claims that SarsCov2 exists and has been isolated

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Recently, Dr. Mercola supports his claim, that SarsCov2 exists and is real and has been isolated by using a very, very loose definition of “isolation”. As his article may soon be taken down by himself — he claims that he is persecuted for having his articles on line too long (as thing which is absurd, since there are 1000s of servers in the world where you can host your site without censorship) — you may want to copy it and save it for reference..

His argument is, that since some non purified clinical samples have been taken from humans and animals, in which a PCR test shows that some of the genome of the claimed mythical SarsCov2 is found, that that proves the SarsCov2 virus exists.

I am not a M. D., and have no training in virology or medicine, but even I can see that Dr. Mercola is deceiving his readership. This is evident, from an analogy.

If someone where to claim that I had 100 euros in my walled, an honest proof would be to discover 100 euros in my wallet. But if my wallet contained 122 US dollars, which is the equivalent of 100 euros, he could not honestly prove his claim, because he claimed one thing and attempted to prove it by another measure.

Likewise, if I claim that John poisoned Peter by putting arsenic in his cup. That arsenic be found in his cup does not prove that John poisoned Peter, nor even that Peter was poisoned by another human being, because some water wells and city water supplies have arsenic in them.  It does not even prove that Peter died from arsenic poisoning.

Likewise, if one finds any strand of RNA or DNA which is also found in a claimed mythical virus, that proves nothing, especially when the claimed gene sequence of the mythical virus includes pre-existing natural gene sequences found everywhere in nature.

In my opinion, therefore, Dr. Mercola needs to clarify himself or take down his dishonest article.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Mercola claims that SarsCov2 exists and has been isolated”

  1. I imagine the pressure on him was too great. He sold out. Sadly. But I had heard his family was threatened.

  2. I saw Mercola at his store in Cape Coral FL… Spoke briefly with him. I’ve followed him and used his products on and off for 20 years. He is much different in person than he appears in his videos. Not very friendly or congenial. Almost as if he’s afraid to speak.. strange man one on one in person. I was disappointed. Had a book of his signed. And pictures taken. Told him I’d been fan for years. He seemed to not care… LOL needless to say I stopped going to his store.

  3. The problem with many of the “critics” is that they believe that viruses are contagious/infectious, i.e. that they are some creature that jumps from person to person killing people in the process. They simply cannot accept that it has been irrefutably proved that viruses are neither alive nor contagious/infectious and that they are all benign (i.e. they are not the “enemy”). They are the last line of defence in our immune system. People such as Mercola, McCullough, Kennedy, Bigtree etc. attack the vaccines but for the wrong reason, i.e. they think that the vaccines are the wrong type, but that the pandemic – the virus – is genuine. This is not merely ignorance; it is also stupidity. No virus is contagious/infectious and this is the reason why the pandemic is a fake and does not exist. Finally, an amusing observation. The symptoms described as Covid, which are all caused by environmental pollution, can be easily eliminated by drinking half a teaspoonful of baking soda in a glass of water or if a respitory clearance has to be achieved by using 3 grams of baking soda in a nebuliser. Obviously, there are also other remedies but this shows how ridiculous and absurd the production and application of a vaccine was.

  4. Once again, all PCR tests are invalid for detecting a disease, so how can Mercola make those statements?

  5. Mercola is a little weirdo whose compromised at this point. Either grifting or working for the other side.

    Two points I can offer are; there’s a WHO technical data pdf you can find on their website that shows, the PCR primer, is the same sequence as chromosome 8…

    Sars-Cov2 isolation; every example involves this small company that is tied to Pfizer and the FDA

    Note the name, they’re just messing with us.

    The disease ‘covid-19’ isn’t just one thing. The spike protein is a bioweapon and one that Pfzier seems to have made as they SELL IT. abcam.com they will sell you dozens of different mutations for around $500 Euros a piece. Pfizer and AstraZeneca are part owners in it.

    Health data out of Albert, Canada last week showed that AFTER ‘vaccination’, the covid cases all rise which makes sense as the shot turns you into a spike protein factory. They remove these stats the day after people noticed it.

  6. Hello Brother Bugnolo, I could never wrap my head around the “must take down all articles” thing with Mercola. But okay if you have a name big enough, your opinions have a large and heavy impact. So then you are a threat, i you are anti Narrative. So you must be silenced. Thousands of others do not get silenced, but they have small audiences and are thought not to be a big enough threat to the Narrative. (Which may have been a mistake, since the small sites gained momentum). I found out that all Mercolas articles are archived at the Lew Rockwell website. So… I guess if you have a family, it is easy to scare you very seriously, very fast. Now he may have been told to publish an “Its real” article. Thanks again, for always giving us really important news in this nightmare. I now have a double life. A split personality of sorts. The relatively normal guy, walking in the midst of the ignorant sea of misguided people is one. The other is at home, trying to figure out strategies on how to survive, and help others if possible. It is mostly not possible. Without you though, everything would have been a lot worse. Thanks to you I have found some kind of calm, in between the horrors of knowing all to much. Thank you.

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