celebrates the beginning of its Third Year

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On January 16, 2020, I reserved the Doman Name,, and about a week later upgraded my blog at WordPress, From Rome, to an online electronic journal.

Two years and more than 11 million human readers later, FromRome.Info begins its 3rd year of operation, with every increasing, though modest readership.

About 25,000 read the journal daily, and there are about 1300 daily subscribers to our notices of new articles.

FromRome.Info provides its readers with the latest quality information about the Great Reset from selected sources world wide. Our network of informants and citizen journalists enable us to keep up on whats happening from hundreds of news outlets and sources, and all the leading experts.

There are presently over 5700 articles and more than 20,000 comments.  The videos produced at FromRome.Info have been seen by more than 1 million viewers in the last 12 months.

None of this would be possible, however, without the strong support of the readerships.

As Editor, I wish therefore to simply thank each and every one of you!

THANK YOU!  And may the Lord God preserve you this year!

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9 thoughts on “ celebrates the beginning of its Third Year”

  1. That would be great, God’s blessing on anyone who tries it. You can currently buy castles in Europe for about a million…

  2. God bless you and may the Virgin Mary protect you always, Br. Bugnolo! You are in my daily prayers. Thank you for bringing me (all of us) to a deeper understanding of the crisis in the hierarchy. May God reward you! We are so blessed to have eyes to see. May we remain in God’s sanctifying grace, protected by our Heavenly Mother.

  3. Congratulations. I visit your blog everyday. Although I’m not a catholic, I agree with you that Benedict is not the pope. I’ve known that since 2013. God helps us all.

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