If you have taken the DeathVaxx, there is a 93% chance it will kill you

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5 thoughts on “If you have taken the DeathVaxx, there is a 93% chance it will kill you”

  1. Surely it is more accurate to paraphrase this article as saying that “if you die AND were vaxxed, there is a 93% chance that what killed you was the vaccine.” That is a rather different meaning than your article headline.

    1. You have presented your objection, without an argument to support it. So I ask you to present one.

      But before you do, did you read the “a chance” in the specific sense or general sense, because it makes a difference.

      For example, if I go to the horse races and someone tells me, there is a 50% chance this horse will win, if I am paying attention, I should ask, what is the chance of which you speak, and he says, the bookies are giving such odds on him, that means one thing, or if he says, all the other horses but he and another have been disqualified, it means another thing.

      So there is a 93% chance that if you are deathvaxxed you will die of the vaxx, because 93% of the only sample taken of those DeathVaxxed who were autopsied did die of the DeathVaxx. That is why I use my English precisely, “a chance” here in the specific sense. Will that be the odds for you, by another measure, such as the odds of dying from the Vaxx in your county, or in your age group? Certainly not. But “You” in a headline addresses itself to the anonymous public. And my title is a warning, as written, not a general statistic.

      For these reasons, I think you will not be able to present a reasonable argument for your position, but if you like, go and try.

  2. I think the proper statement would be: If you’re vaxxed and dead the probability is 93% it was the vaxx. So there’s definitely a correlation. But is it really the cause? According to the autopsies yes and dinner the CEO of OneLife came out there is no doubt in my mind.

    In France they will get vaccinated about twice a year. Nobody will survive that in the longer term. Austria soon to follow. Germany too. The situation in Italy is also very dire. Only the unvaccinated will survive.

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