If you want to travel to Europe, fly into Budapest first

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am often asked by those who want to travel, but who are gravely offended, as is right, by the Sanitary Dictates of various nations, how is it that they can continue to travel and legally avoid the observance of these rules.

While I am no expert, I have noticed that for US citizens and many others, who can enter the Schengen Area of Europe without a visa, for tourist trips up to 90 days, that if you fly into Budapest, Hungary, there is no obligation to get the DeathSwab, the DeathVaxx or present a DeathVaxx Passport.

Perhaps this is why the US State Dept. discourages US Citizens from flying to Hungary.  For more information, see the State Dept. official website, here:

Once you land in Budapest, rent a car, and then you can travel to all the other nations of the EU and the Schengen area if you simply arrive by car. You will not be asked for further controls, except if you arrive at a lodging or restaurant which wants to observe them.

While these are many, one strategy to avoid the inconvenience of being refused, is to stay at 1 room BnBs where the owner and you alone meet in private. Usually, they will agree, and sometimes an extra bonus for them will help them see how kind it is for them to agree.  Same thing is true for small restaurants and bars, especially when they are off the main roads.

Europe is under a Sanitary Dictatorship in all other countries, but Hungary is making it possible for the free peoples of the Earth to still travel to Europe.

(Check the local conditions and rules before your plan your trip, as these can change daily).

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8 thoughts on “If you want to travel to Europe, fly into Budapest first”

  1. Not true at all. If you fly to Hungary, you need to show the same documents as any other EU country. Same three options, tested, immune, or jabbed. Whoever that put this online is lying, and tricking you so you get stuck there. It’s not like a Scandinavian country approach in Hungary, I can assure you. They are very serious about the clot shot as well. I have family there so I should know. Stay away from Hungary right now. That is all I will say on this.

    1. Your statements are contradicted by the US Embassy and by the Budapest Airport, which says you should carry a mask.

      And by recent Travel reports, such as this one:

      Which explicitly says that Hungary has abolished ALL covid restrictions:

      But since you hail from New Zealand, your perhaps have never read them.

  2. Hi,
    I live in Budapest. Indeed, the government has waived many of last year’s covid restrictions. There is no curfew, you can freely dine in indoor areas of restaurants, you can go to the movie, theatre, museums etc. with no ‘Green Pass’ required. No limitations on number of people that may meet inside or outside etc. ,Green Passes are only required at events hosting more than 500. people. Tourism has been slowly starting to gain momentum. There is a mask mandate, though, on public travel, and in shops and malls as well as all indoor areas, most unfortunately, at schools, too. I guess the Hungarian government was the only one to lift the mask mandate for the summer, from early July till November which was such a relief, to see human faces once again. However, the jabs are coerced on health care workers, teachers, public servants and from 2/15 only those triple vaxxed will be considered jabbed, the so called ‘Certificate of Protection’ (Védettségi igazolvány) will be turned into ‘Certification of Vaccination (Oltási igazolvány) and, as opposed to so far, people who have ganed natural immunity through infection will no more be entitled to get one. The jabbing of 5 to 11 years old has already started and the government is now promoting the 4th vax already. They only can boast of a little independence from the powers that be and the loosened restrictions have resulted in a 6.4% growth of the economy in 2021 while inflation has hit new records. No shortage of food or empty shelves and Mr Orbán is adamant on completing Hungary’s 2nd nuclear reaction, which, looking at what’s going on in Germany is an extremely wise step. I don’t know about what’s needed to traverl into Hungary, I haven’t crossed the border for a long time now except for one travel by train to Vienna in September where no one checked any of our certificates or test results.

  3. The UK Gov website says you must have a certified vaccine, or PCR or if you have neither of these you have to quarantine (it does not specify for how long) to get into Hungary directly from the UK. It says that you can leave without any of these though! However, if you are either travelling straight through Hungary and can prove onward travel, or address, then you may pass through without restrictions. Also, if you are visiting Hungary for ‘essential ‘ business or attending a business conference, you are exempt. If you enter Hungary from any of the neighbouring countries there by road, rail or water you have no restrictions.
    There is wiggle room here, I think….

    1. The suggestion was for Americans, I believe. The UK has tight EU flight controls due to leaving in the Brexit. I suspect that flights incoming from the UK could be treated differently upon arrival in Budapest- or even that the UK government is flat out lying about restrictions seeing how forceful they are on their own people with the injections. It is possible and I would say even highly likely that they are, in order to scare it’s citizens into receive the deadly injections. A first hand account here would be helpful. One should be prepared for anything…

  4. How about flying to Serbia where Novak Djokovic, with his colleague Voracova the heroes of tennis and freedom, entered without any unlawful restrictions imposed on him?

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