Pope Benedict XVI explicitly affirms that He is the Pope, the Vicar of Christ

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The indomitable Andrea Cionci, who reads German, has been plowing through the long biography of Pope Benedict XVI by Peter Seewald, who in 2016 published a book length interview with the Bavarian Pope.

And, while he has uncovered numerous instances where Pope Benedict XVI makes statements, which logically indicate that he knows that he is the one and only pope and asks the world to recognize that, there is none more explicit as his recent discovery, which I now quote:

Ecco, cosa abbiamo appena “visto” (finalmente) a pag. 23 di “Ultime conversazioni” di Peter Seewald (Garzanti), opera del 2016.

Domanda del giornalista tedesco: “Uno s’immagina che il papa, il vicario di Cristo sulla Terra, debba avere un rapporto particolarmente stretto, intimo, con il Signore”.

Risposta di papa Ratzinger:Sì, dovrebbe essere così, e non è che IO abbia la sensazione che Lui sia lontano. Posso sempre parlargli nel mio intimo. Ma sono comunque una piccola, misera creatura che non sempre riesce ad arrivare fino a Lui”.

Which I render into English thus:

Behold what we have just glimpsed (finally) on p. 23 of the “Last Conversations” of Peter Seewald (Garzanti Publishers), printed in 2016:

The German journalist asks:  “One imagines that the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on Earth, ought to have a particular and close relationship with the Lord”.

To which Pope Ratzinger replies: “Yes, it should be so, and it is not that I have the sensation that He is far away. I can always speak to him in my heart. But nevertheless I am a small, miserable creature who does not always arrive at Him“.

For the full article by Andrea Cionci, click on the image above.

For this testimony to be on page 23 of Seewald’s book, and yet ignored by all the Vatican press for 5 years, is incredible.  It shows both how complete is the masonic plot against Christ and His Vicar, and how full of hatred these clergy and laity have for the Vicar of the Living God.

Let us pray for the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, especially as his 95 birthday draws close on Holy Saturday,  April 16, of this year.

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18 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI explicitly affirms that He is the Pope, the Vicar of Christ”

  1. In the German edition, it is on page 34.
    In the context of the questions in which this particular question is asked, it is about Pope Benedict’s personal relationship with Jesus. Therefore, unfortunately, the answer cannot be taken as a confirmation of his papacy, but it is rather a general answer about his personal relationship with Jesus.

    1. I think you are misunderstanding how to read context. The context is clearly a response to the question which regards the pope, otherwise one would have to conclude that his faithful biographer has misrepresented his statement.

    2. Allora è vero che riuscite comunque ad arrampicarvi su specchi insaponati. Immaginiamo che Lei mi dica: “Certo, per affermare che Ratzinger è l’unico papa bisogna aver letto molti libri”. E io: “Sì, infatti. E non è che io ne abbia letti pochi”. Secondo lei mi sto riferendo ai miei studi di storia dell’arte o alla mia inchiesta giornalistica? Per favore: evitiamo il ridicolo.

    3. “Nella domanda, Seewald specifica “il papa, IL VICARIO DI CRISTO SULLA TERRA”. È chiaro che intende il papa regnante. Ripeto, con quel congiuntivo presente, e anche se fosse un lapsus, la risposta è rivelatrice. Certo, parla del suo rapporto personale con Dio; ma assumendo le premesse implicite nella domanda!” Prof. Gian Matteo Corrias, latinista, saggista e docente nei Licei di Stato

  2. PS Nell’edizione italiana che io ho consultato è a pagina 23. Vedo che il livello delle obiezioni è sul numero di pagina. Congratulazioni..

  3. PPSS Devo specificare edizione italiana in ebook, sennò dopo mi alzate la polemica che sulla versione cartacea italiana chissà a che pagina è…

  4. “Totalitarian movements and death cults do not typically go down gracefully. They usually go down in a gratuitous orgy of wanton, nihilistic violence as the cult or movement desperately attempts to maintain its hold over its wavering members and defend itself from encroaching reality. And that is where we are at the moment … or where we are going to be very shortly…..”

    morning br – it seems to me in this spreading moment of light, relief that one is now more able to paradoxically observe the nature of the beast. perhaps, to be contrived for a moment, one picture’s in ones minds eye the beast [perhaps like a grotesque beastly panther of sorts] , now caught out in the open ,unawares momentarily lit up by rays of the light piercing like illumined shafts on the moors, drifting with the westerly voluminous grey clouds , following the beast , like a spotlight , it’s tread , a mead, as it slinks out in the open, perhaps as framed in a picture, all in a historic moment, up on the moor land, as it crouches amongst the purple prickeled tuffetts of heather.

    quick, there it is ! i see it, we, we catch a glimpse, instantly forgetting ourselves, still, quite still, watching the nakedly revealed enemy . seeing it, it knows it is seen, but is seemingly nonchulant, almost indifferent. and then the westerly moves across our eyelashes. slowly the illumined sunlight shafts dim as the clouds become thicker and greyer and the westerly wind picks up again, heralding the coming storm, moving too the trestles of our hair. the darker clouds, now a potent herald of the storm yet to come.

    and so Br. my heart dips once again and my legs percipitate a real time weakness, even a tremor, that there are ‘processes yet to come, perhaps to even outmatch those accumulated, i say again, accumulated throughout history.

    it all seems doom and gloom , but if we are indeed coursing through Revelation , this will be played out, perhaps mitigated to greater or lesser extents by the force of prayer and action.

    psychologically, their warped ‘logic of diseased mind’ suggests that their depravity and ‘reach’ is constant, a outcome of such a state of mind.

    the mind of the a beast that treads in the shadows, wantonly murdering millions of people, padding its black beastly paws throughout history.
    through their ancestral depraved twisted , perverse, murderous nihilistic selfishness.

    history is evidence and precedent for this ; Cambodia, Maoism, Russia etc et al this same perverse psychological state that now holds a supranational spiritual and psychological hypnosis over all the earth and is truly the pandemic, of mind and soul. of mind and soul old boy.

    lastly we, we!, who have sought truth and have seen the data/evidence for the deadly ‘jab’ lottery – and its ruinous patho-physiological deletrious effects and then to Mind Control through the mode of injections [intra body network] to half the worlds population, one must wonder then to the logic of their next move/s

    you mention pivot ….. we are watching




  5. I’m not inclined to place much stake in this remark as it overlooks the strong possibility B16 seems to think that the papacy could be split/shared between/amongst individuals. This, of course, lies at the heart of the “substantial error” argument against the validity of the ’13 “renunciation.” Those who propose a “Benedict Code” in view of an “impeded see” rather overlook Ratzinger’s ready access to any number of venues which would have gladly assisted him to communicate with the Church Universal, had he but given hint of his need for their aid. In retrospect, that dramatic flourish at the tomb of Celestine V came to leave no few with greater confusion as to what was/has become the mind of this Petrine successor.

    1. Paul, your alternate thesis, which is actually that proposed by Ann Barnhardt years ago, is no longer sustainable, because the fact is that in everything he has said and done since Feb. 11, 2013, he has always indicated, for those who are logical and not emotional in the understanding of human speech, that he is the one and only true pope, that is, Vicar of Christ, with the petrine munus. Why he has done what he has done may become evident in time, and certainly in his final testament, to be published after his death, he will say something about that. But the crux of the matter, that we cannot omit to attend to, is that whatever have been or be his motivation, divine or human, the fact remains that we cannot regard him as no longer pope, until he renounces the munus, that is the charge he received from Christ when he accepted his canonical election. Since he has never renounced that, we must regard him as the Pope, and we will be damned otherwise. In addition, being Christ’s vicar, it is not for us to judge him, Christ will judge him. Regarding what he did, I can say that if the Lord did not by a special revelation command me to do it, that I would not have done it, I would rather have exposed the wicked by name in an unplanned public event, visible to all the world, and accepted the martyrdom that that might lead to, while organizing a flight from the Vatican, as many popes have done in the past, to escape the hands of the wicked, trusting in the Divine Providence to protect me. But perhaps the Lord was so angry at his people for their sins, as Our Lady told us already at La Salette, that He did command him to do this, to put His people to the test, and because we are in the last decades of the present age, when God’s patience comes to an end.

      1. Today marks 229th anniversary of the murder of Louis XVI, a sobering moment for anyone who holds dear the message of Fatima, relative to how near we draw to the forewarned Russian chastisement. I believe you miss my point: it is one thing to say B16 did not renounce; he remains PP. It is quite another to attribute to his mindset, based on his happenstance conversation, that he believes himself to be the one & only living successor of Peter. To make that claim based on the proffered evidence alone is illogical/unsupported. Who can say he knows Ratzinger’s mind when he & God are most tacit on the subject? Meanwhile, we implore the Immaculate, Whose Lourdes feast fast approaches.

      2. Paul, you have missed the articled by Cionci, where he conclusively proves that B16 knows and says and wants the world to know that he is the Pope still the Vicar of Christ. Its quite logical, any other reading is illogical and not fact based.

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