USA may suffer Aviation Nightmare tomorrow with 5G rollout, says Airline CEOs

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6 thoughts on “USA may suffer Aviation Nightmare tomorrow with 5G rollout, says Airline CEOs”

  1. Issues about 5G won’t be anything compared to when the world is brought up to snuff to learn Pachamama is conspiring with both Schwab’s WEF/NWO, CCP, Big Pharma for BILLIONS funneled by the CCP to the Vatican for the overall goal of the “Great Reset”…The old Nazi Communist Hag. Always wondered what kind of man SLAPS a woman as this one did in St. Peter’s Square as though HE WAS A WOMAN. Always suspected he was homosexual and as he supports homosexuality and claims it’s normal even if he doesn’t bless it formally; I don’t wonder any longer. THIS MAN MUST RESIGN FROM THE PAPACY!!!
    He is NOT a man of God at all; let alone a Catholic.

  2. That a cell tower antenna can impact onboard aircraft guarded, shielded electronic equipment data more than a mile away demonstrably proves the comprehensive power of whatever it is these things produce.

    In my experience in aviation I would normally dismiss such talk as impossible hyperbole. But past onboard mechanical equipment has been replaced by pervasive interdependent electronic modules; manufactured metal parts replaced by wire bundles. And this 5G is also, obviously, unlike any “cell tower” ever seen before.

    They’re not telling us something, obviously, but reading between the lines – this 5G is far more than meets the eye; the deep public concern of the CEOs, legitimate.

    In the face of this latest symbol of our rush (no more slouching) to Gomorrah and our destiny on the fields of Armageddon, near Mt. Megiddo, I take great comfort in this depiction of the holy visions of St. John of the King of Kings, when transported in spirit to the Holy of Holies at the end of Time.

    All are subjects and subject to the Lord God. God truly reigns. Where words fail, sometimes visual stories best convey true meaning.

  3. I’m so confused. I thought 5G was already in use. Aren’t there maps showing the locations? But this seems to suggest it’s not yet operational, is that it? They just have the infrastructure in place, but haven’t turned it on? So tired of my confusion. Apologies for any annoyance I cause.

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