Analysis of New Video about Ashli Babbitt & Company
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3 thoughts on “Analysis of New Video about Ashli Babbitt & Company”

  1. I don’t believe Ashli Babbitt was murdered. I believe she was a deep state actress, and her “death” was fake. No blood flows from any wound at the scene. Why would no one actually interrogate the shooter? He was never interviewed, but the investigation exonerated him of all blame. Her body is almost immediately cremated and the ashes scattered at sea. Nothing to dig up, nothing to examine forensically in a murder case? Oh, please!

    Check the tropical beaches somewhere, and don’t be surprised to find Ashli playing the maracas.

    1. I believe you are correct. They may have even given her the best plastic surgery in the world, as a bonus. — But they might have also shot her in the head after the body was taken from the scene, just to tie up a loose end. The CIA psychos love that sort of thing.

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