BREAKING: UK to end all Covid Restrictions within days
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25 thoughts on “BREAKING: UK to end all Covid Restrictions within days”

  1. Just like you said….they are backing off now…but something else in their back pockets…..did they end vax stuff? Did not hear that…

    1. The vax is not stopped. The vax *passport* for night clubs & sports arenas is to be stopped (or more likely, suspended, for now).
      Isolation and *testing* is still required, thereby reverting the country from restrictions B, down to looser restrictions A. … While retaining the metal bracelets of the C.virus (enabling) Act that parliament has passed through every six months since Sept 2020. (The Act was passed into legislation as an *emergency* with zero debate at 5pm on 26 March 2020. 300+pages of diktats allegedly compiled in less than 2 weeks that wiped out centuries of law & democracy with the stroke of a pen.)
      .. Currently, there is (since Dec 2020) an official police criminal investigation into the vaxxines that is now growing in momentum in the public domain – and this would already be familiar to those in the corridors of power who would have authorised such a decision. ( As part of their planned time table or contingency action to keep the show on the road.)
      … Previous complaints/documents presented in person to the police have been ignored/dismissed – until now.

      So we will see the upcoming mea culpa criminal *investigation* of chosen muttons to be served-up to assuage the public appetite … and an incoming phase 2 of worsening *climate* events & impending shortages.
      What a time to live through.

  2. Does this news fulfill your prediction that you made in your video: “HOW SKULL & BONES PLANS TO CO-OPT WORLD-WIDE RESISTANCE TO THE PLANDEMIC”?

    1. Undoubtedly. Also, they may have pre-empted the inflection point, because they do not want to be butchered alive. Now they may shift the narrative by starting a war with Russia…

      1. From Clif High’s forecast:

        Seven Days in January.
        The 21st thru 27th.
        Watch politics in Germany,
        Personalities in Canada,
        $$ in USA,
        Judges in EU,
        Damages in AU


        NEW – Never in the history of Germany have there been more widespread protests than in these weeks.

        On the same day, protests against Covid restrictions took place in more than 1,000 locations nationwide.

        And the phenomenon is growing week by week.


        One down, four to go…

        “That Don’t Impress Me Much”

  3. All of our Rosaries and prayers God surely hears! May the Almighty save His people. The Blessed Virgin Mary is interceding for us.

  4. Better the Devil you know, what’s the next step in the Great Reset following the Great Narrative fantasy?

  5. Brother Bugnolo, I have been praying every day to Our Lady for a reduction in the severity and duration of this evil for England, which is her dowry. Any spiritual changes are due to her maternal protection and her command to her Son, who always obeys her.

    Our Lady of Fatima demands that we pray a rosary every day and that Russia be consecrated to her immaculate heart.

    Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for us.

  6. Not all restrictions … only restrictions B to be (mostly) withdrawn with effect 24 Jan. (2yrs to the day the mainstream headline featured the first of the falling-down people in W’han, as a precursor to what was coming …)
    However, the UK govt continues to keep the herd under the tentacles of restrictions A: including isolation, *testing* … as part of the Coronavirus Act (2020) that enables continued arbitrary diktats with the support of an acquiescent parliament.
    Until such time as the C.virus Act is removed, the swing between A or B (or mooted) C ++) will remain as the psychological cloud that binds & blinds the people.

    Next phase (?) …
    … Just prior to Christmas, upwards of 60K people in north east England were bereft of their electricity supplies c/o *storm Arwen* that put out the power for 3+ weeks, marooning residents in cold water homes and snow frozen grounds, and easterly winds from northern Europe. The health of frail elders (thankfully in a tight traditional rural areas) – was duly made ill by the protracted cold in their homes – and which came as a surprise to many people in the warmer south.)
    .. On it’s heels, across the country in the north west, traditional communities were similarly affected by *storm Barra* (Scotland and Ireland also). Ditto
    power outtages, though not to the same intensity or duration.

    .. On 14 Jan 2022, further south into the midlands, the city of Nottingham (and Sherwood’s historical King John) – with a city population of 331k that experienced an electrical blackout for several hours to the city centre and suburbs.
    …is this a pattern moving closer to the Capital of 9.5million souls (14m inc the suburbs) …

    Br Alexis. … When a splash of cold water reality (:-/ )s needed to antidote the mainstream – yours has fast become the go-to. Thank you for your work and your clear vision . God bless you.

    May God bless us, one and all.

  7. There is a division among the wicked, as I and others have mentioned. This is not surprising; since the wicked are all animated by egotism, egos will often clash. Then too there is the clash of ideologies.

    Johnson was co-opted early on by the Zionists/Neocons. Remember how Pompeo visited him to get him to drop the China/Huawei contracts for 5G and seek 5G elsewhere ? He complied, especially after he got zapped by “Covid” (as predicted in the satanic opening ceremonies in the 2012 London Olympics–lots of videos on this–see the National Health Service Ceremony–which also predicted/confirmed elite pedophilia). He can take a hint.

    He then dutifully followed the Covid line and introduced the draconian and vaccine measures which have set the British people up for a massive die off.

    But before the Brits die off–the Neocons/Ziocons want to use what remains of British might against Russia and China.

    I fear that Brother is right, war in Ukraine is next on the agenda–and a good distraction from the unraveling narrative.

    Did you see that the Russians have evacuated their embassy personnel from Ukraine? Not a good sign.

  8. International Common Law Court of Justice brought charges of crimes against humanity. PM’s of Canada, the queen, pope’s bergoglio and Benedict and ceo’s of phizer and glaxo/smith/ kline. Go to for viewing the charges, arrest warrants and the list of scum that were found guilty. I know Pope Benedict is a shock to me but the evidence is clear.

  9. They are stopping, zo the healty no-vaxxed are going to contaminate the death jabbed, who are lacking a functional immuunsystem.
    They will call it (fill in an extreme dangerous disease) so that more healty people are taking the next lethal jab .

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