2 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV publishes Index to Past Programs”

  1. Things are indeed sliding Br

    But one must not forget that they now have the capacity [through the intra body network nano -technology] to intervene in the thoughts [e.g. literal mind control/influence] not simply a mass psychosis, of potentially half he worlds population. 4 billion plus people.

    it is not a plan abandoned but only the smokescreen that is dissipating. have they gone far enough for their purposes and as far as they can go , in practitcability. [push back][?]

    what is outstanding? what is a threat now to them. ? what is to be applied to that percieved threat? what is measured against their elemental schematic wargame? what will now enable their projected great reset , psychologically how will they facilitate this? cyberpollygon? what control do they have to facilitate this ; Technology ‘hacked’ – people’s access to money? supply chains – to food, to modern convenience’s what will both frighten people and inconvenience them? what will move people, influence them?

    the evidence is growing for he establishment of this mind/body control infrastructure in the vaccinated.

    More microtechnology, self-assemblies, parasites, and graphene oxide in a new Pfizer vial

    Ricardo Delgado; “But also, today, we did a little reanalysis, and we let the sample evolve, especially… Probably by teslaforesis [to which they are given ‘life’]mechanisms. ”

    [is this the mode by which they will activate the bio-nano components for the ‘neuro rights’ e.g. mind control, the intervening of ones private innate personal independent thoughts over the sovereign person[?]

    ” That is, by the environmental radiation of the environment. [ the means; 5G etc]”

    “Don’t worry about it. We’re conspiracy theorists, right? That’s how they call us.

    Also, remember that yesterday, we posted a blog link where a certain health worker, a biochemist… Who’s been, precisely, based in Andalusia for more than 12 years. He analyzed a Pfizer vaccine, if I’m not mistaken, and found very similar objects to those obtained by Dr. Campra by us, as well.

    Anyone who dares to look into a microscope to directly see the proof of the crime automatically becomes a denialist and conspiracy theorist. The parallel world of the official version is worth more. As of today: criminal media terrorism”

    Dr Ricardo Delgado


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