6 thoughts on “The Covidian Cult has begun to implode, and its going to be ugly”

  1. Do not trust what they are doing. They will find another way to try to enslave us. We must remain diligent. They spent years planning, the globalists will not give up so easily. They may even be doing this so that we let down our guard and then they will pounce when they think we are at our weakest. They will sacrifice a few to appease the many and try to come out the heroes. Do not be fooled…..this is NOT over.

    1. Agree with Truth Warrior above. This is a feint. They brainstormed various scenarios and have prepared responses for all forms of resistance we can come up with–except one. Being atheist materialists, they’d never expect divine intervention. So, that’s what we’ve got to pray for. Remember Lepanto and start your rosaries! Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

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