UnVaxxed Sicilians forced to return home like illegal immigrants


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the above video, you see Judge Giorgianni (I think), returning to the shores of Sicily on a local fisherman’s boat. He says, in Italian, “Now you can see how we are reduced to the level of illegal immigrants”, referring to the fact that he had to return to Sicily in a boat, rather than use the Ferry Service at Messina, one of the most trafficked straights in all the world.

The reason? According to the Goldman Sachs Dictator, Mario Draghi, Sicilians are worse than illegals, because they cannot return to Sicily on the Ferries, if they have not been DeathVaxx and Beast Marked like cattle.

They also are forbidden to leave the island of Sicily by plane or cruise ship!

This has effectively imprisoned nearly a million Sicilians on their island in the name of the common good.

What racism!

My maternal family comes from Messina, so I cannot express how much outrage I feel at this. It makes my blood boil.

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5 thoughts on “UnVaxxed Sicilians forced to return home like illegal immigrants”

  1. This won’t end well. Either we’ll be enslaved or there will be blood in the streets or both. We’re heading straight into fascism and people still think this is about COVID. The next few weeks and months will be crucial for our future.

  2. Please notice your mistyping. Not “Giorgetti”.
    He is Mr. Angelo Giorgianni, judge and prosecutor in Southern Italy at the beginning of his career, then in Rome, for a short time active politician (member of parliament and undersecretary in the Dini cabinet) and later on high ranking executive in the Ministry of Justice (I think that Mr. Giorgianni recently retired)

  3. Dear Frà;

    Just ask for Michael’s Judgment about this and get back to your peace. (How difficult that may seem)

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