Washington Post misrepresents the Historical Record to smear Pope Benedict XVI

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today, the world press began its attack on Pope Benedict XVI, since they can not in any way prove or defend Bergoglio from the charge that he was uncanonically elected and that Benedict XVI is still the pope.

This attack was made in concert with the effort of Bergoglio to discredit the Holy Father in recent days. And that this new attack was prepared by Bergoglio can be seen from this, that it was commissioned by Bergoglio’s personal friend, Cardinal Marx, who wanted to resign from the see of Munich last year, as an admission of his own culpability in protecting pedophiles, but was pressured by Bergoglio to remain.  And now we know why. To remain so that when this report was published, the right conclusions would be drawn, against his rival for the papacy.

So the Washington Post, a known CIA front for decades, came running to help Bergoglio in this attack, with a free article, a thing they never do, since they are a newspaper by subscription. So it seems that someone paid the newspaper to run the story which you can read by clicking the image above.

The story misrepresents the historical record. According to Archbishop Ganswein, as reported in the Italian press in recent days, the priest in question WAS NOT REASSIGNED to the Archdiocese of Munich, but remained a priest of the Diocese of Essen, and WAS ONLY ALLOWED IN MUNICH for the purpose of attending a clinic which sought TO CURE HIM OF HIS PREDILECTION for children.

Thus, the charge that Pope Benedict XVI, while Cardinal Archbishop of Munich, “failed to act” is an entire invention of the press.  Because, there is no failure unless there is a duty, and Pope Benedict did his duty in charity to allow this priest get help.

As for the charge that Pope Benedict XVI attended a meeting, where the meeting did NOT note that he had left: is purely ridiculous. Written by someone who evidently thinks that you are present at all meetings where it does not say you left.  Most of us would be present at every meeting in the world from the creation of Eve until today, if that were true.

When the attacks are this feeble, the malignancy behind them is all the more palpable.

The real story this week is that Bergoglio defended pedophiles in Argentina. That has been incontrovertibly proven by eye witnesses, in film since 2016 in French, in German since 2018 and in Italian/English since 12 days ago.

But where are the reporters on that?


Benedict XVI did nothing to stop pedophiles? No, quite the contrary…

Edktor’s Note: Italian TV is attacking Pope Benedict XVI again, today. And so, this article, written today, is a timely reminder to the real historical truth, not that of the Fake News.

This article sheds much light on the “wolves” that Pope Benedict XVI said he had to fight in the Church. These are the same forces which insisted on his resignation in Feb. 2013.

Also, ask yourself with Bergoglio about to die, why are they attacking Pope Benedict XVI, unless they fear that he will likely be restored to the Apostolic  Throne?

For the full story, click on the image above. Per l’originale in italiano, clicca qui.

Dr. Christian Perronne: All who voted for Vaxx obligations can be prosecuted at International Tribunals

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In his decisive and historic testimony to the Luxembourg Parliamentary Committe on the Pandemic,  on January 12, 2022 A. D., Dr. Christian Perronne, former President of the Commission for Infectious Disease for the Superior Council for Public Health, in France, drew attention to the true international conspiracy of BigPharma and politicians to subject humanity to an experimental medical treatment.

At 6:00 in this video, he decries the DeathVaxxes as frauds, which are not vaccines and do not work. At. 6:40 he says since these Vaxxes are experimental to oblige them on others is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code.  His exact words, I will present here, in English translation:

And above all, more importantly is, that we are still in the 3rd experimental phase, and in international treaties, and in the Code of Nuremberg, it has been absolutely forbidden to impose an obligation for an experimental product.

Hence, all the parliamentarians who vote for an obligation for an experimental produce can be prosecuted personally o penalty, before an international tribunal, for the extremely grave fault for endangering the lives of human beings.

You can find more informative videos which feature testimonies by Dr. Perronne at Bitchute, via this link.