Benedict XVI did nothing to stop pedophiles? No, quite the contrary…

Edktor’s Note: Italian TV is attacking Pope Benedict XVI again, today. And so, this article, written today, is a timely reminder to the real historical truth, not that of the Fake News.

This article sheds much light on the “wolves” that Pope Benedict XVI said he had to fight in the Church. These are the same forces which insisted on his resignation in Feb. 2013.

Also, ask yourself with Bergoglio about to die, why are they attacking Pope Benedict XVI, unless they fear that he will likely be restored to the Apostolic  Throne?

For the full story, click on the image above. Per l’originale in italiano, clicca qui.

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4 thoughts on “Benedict XVI did nothing to stop pedophiles? No, quite the contrary…”

  1. Br Bugnolo, I read that around 2010 Pope Benedict was chairing a meeting of Cardinals which takes place every 5 years (sorry I don’t know the accurate name for these meetings but it might be the College of Cardinals) where they review the rules and prohibitions of the Church.

    A subject which came up at this meeting was the prohibition on Catholics from becoming Freemasons. Pope Benedict wanted to keep the prohibition in place which meant instant ex-communication if a person was discovered to be a Freemason. However, a majority of Cardinals wanted to change the rule slightly so that a person discovered to be a Freemason would be warned that unless they left Freemasonry they would be ex-communicated. For some reason I don’t know of, Pope Benedict went along with the new rule. Do you know if this is accurate or what the real situation is?

    1. Never heard of such a meeting. As Cardinal, he already affirmed that such are excommunicated by being members.

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