Is there a Virus, or is there only a Bio-weapon?

Editor’s Note: FromRome.Info did not produce this video, which is a composition of videos about the virus – bioweapon debate.

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10 thoughts on “Is there a Virus, or is there only a Bio-weapon?”

  1. What a shame Peter McCullough seems to be part of this gigantic scam as well. That’s a big disappointment. The woman who investigated the alleged isolation of the virus did a much better scientific job than McCullough did despite his massively good qualifications.

    Along with Malone, McCullough is a smooth and persuasive talker who no doubt has netted in a lot of people to his way of thinking. A few grains of truth here and there works wonders for the fake narrative!

    1. Dr. Malone is increasing his number of rounds on different sites promoting THE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION MESSAGE because he has a book coming out. Wondering if he received permission from his masters, seems most likely that he did.

  2. In an interview around 4 months ago McCullough was basically trashing what Profs Dolores Cahill and Sukrit Bakdi had to say on the alleged virus.

    He said Cahill should not be allowed to become the figurehead of the dissident doctors/scientists movement because some of her comments were wild beyond anything and would do damage to the movement, while Bakdi’s demeanor was too dour with a monotonous delivery and he didn’t know how to summarize scientific concepts to a lay audience.

  3. Words have meaning. When you have to resort to popular opinion and falsified dogma to boost your hypothesis you know you’ve lost the argument. This is what they do every time they get caught. Rebrand.
    I wrote a post on my own blog regarding fenbendazole and other FtSz inhibitors (benzimidazoles), including natural ones like turmeric, berberine and cinnamon, you’ll know I had no dog in this fight as ‘magic bug theory’ was dropped with the advent of these broad organism antimicrobials (Rifaximin). They are anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti viral, anti microbial and anti tumoral and by extension an anti toxin (B12) as well as relatively safe. Ivermectin has a benzimidazole in its makeup but I don’t think it is exactly the same. Anyway I could’ve cared less if there was a ‘virus’ called SARS or flu, even if a ‘bio weapon’ (which never happened) because the risk factor was known and the risk wasn’t even on the richter scale. I only assumed a toxin like radiation or H2S because I underestimated the ‘fear factor’ driving people to the hospital where they died at an 80% rate (where they still die) because risk was still extremely low minus that factor. None of that changed until the death injection rollout and then all of that compounded and still is compounding to this day.
    I repeat zero risk of flu or SARS with a healthy microbiome and by extension that includes CV19 (2021 multi country university research).
    I knew it then I know it now so the only mission is to get others to question the validity of a theory that had already been quashed in more ways than one and surpassed by a higher understanding of ‘conditions’. If I was already ahead of most in examination of ‘science’ why would I go backward except to have it further validated which it is and which it will be because the death injection is validating it in more ways than one (including its design which is to disarm the entire immune system completely via autophagic function). You don’t double down on stupid unless you want to harm someone.
    I said one, they would’ve chosen a modern safe broad function antimicrobial if they even wanted to pretend it was a ‘virus’ which they didn’t. Two since this ‘modern’ antimicrobial negates the need for any ‘vaccine’ they would’ve never began a rollout of one. And three the ‘science’ has already confirmed it’s not an organism of any kind, bio weapon or not if there is zero risk because no ‘weapon’ carries zero risk. Therefore it has to be a toxin and a delivery system for that toxin, there are zero options other than that. If that toxin is above that which occurs in nature (it is – these are man made chemicals) for the purpose of causing harm by definition it is a bio weapon.
    The only fight left is regarding not allowing them to use RNA bits as a ‘diagnostic’ to infinity as that is the same game as ‘germ theory’. They don’t want to abandon the inherent fraud.
    There is a reason why law and medicine are derived from latin primarily and that is so definition can not ‘evolve’ in to an entirely different meaning.
    The word virus in latin means venom, poison, toxin. A submicroscopic agent that is unable to grow or reproduce. Classified as non living matter, non living things have no potential, that means development or possibility, therefore only susceptible to degradation.

    On the term pharmakeia–an abstract noun meaning sorcery, magic, the practice of magic arts. Enchantment is the proper translation.

    The concrete noun is pharmakon whose primary meaning is poison; its secondary meaning is magic potion or charm to achieve a desirable objective; and its tertiary meaning is medicine, remedy, or drug for healing. (Pharmacy)

  4. Would like to add…. The only fight left is regarding not allowing them to use RNA bits as a ‘diagnostic’ to infinity as that is the same game as ‘germ theory’. They don’t want to abandon the inherent fraud. Mabs are part of that as vaccines 2.0 and they have a lot if not more invested in mabs. They also have a buttload invested in ‘genetics’ or ‘eugenetics’. Also already negated by above – zero risk. There is also zero risk in autophagy or macrophage activation discovered by the Japanese (natural immune function) producing no harm and zero side effects in humans (they can’t patent that process or the natural proteins that induce it). Dr. Peter McCullough is heavily invested in mabs and PCR as a diagnostic so he has a big dog in the fight.

  5. We are certain that the death jab is a MURDEROUS BIO WEAPON OF MASS GENOCIDE.

    Thanks for the TRUTH Brother Bugnolo. GOD BLESS YOU.

  6. Never trusted McCullough.
    Never trust any of them.
    I take what information makes sense, and understand the rest is nonsense.
    For the most published doctor in the world,
    how could he make such claims, UNLESS, he’s part of the controlled opposition?
    What I believe people who are just waking up don’t understand, is that just because someone is a controlled opp, doesn’t mean you can’t garner information from them. The key is to be able to discern, and that takes time to learn how to negotiate. It’s a lifelong process.

  7. Marburg next? Ebola? These Level 4 labs at Fort Detrick are exposed in Richard Preston’s books, “The Demon In The Freezer” and “The Hot Zone.” More terrifying than any fiction horror by Steven King.

    “Bill Gates GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) published an article on 22-Apr-2021 titled “The next pandemic: Marburg?”. There have been numerous Mainstream Media articles highlighting an upcoming threat Marburg and referencing the WHO in recent months.”

    From report by Hospital Engineer Whistle Blower, Kieran Morrissey. Article and video:

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