They are repackaging the “Great Reset” as the solution to Covid-19 pandemic

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6 thoughts on “They are repackaging the “Great Reset” as the solution to Covid-19 pandemic”

  1. The Globalists are so dumb and desperate.

    If more than 2 billion lives hadn’t been ruined, this would actually be hilarious.

    Are they not aware that THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM has its paw-prints 🐾 all over the Covid Plandemic?

    A person would have to be brain-dead not to come across information that the WEF is behind the Covid Plandemic.

  2. If not so serious, this would be uproarious as to imagine such mega-wealthy, influential people to be SO STUPID and out of touch with reality is quite the shock…Worse than the senile, treasonous, pedo husk currently fraudulently installed into the Oval Office passing gas when in proximity to Camilla. The whole world knows the new WEF Nazi German Klaus Schwab with his co-conspirator China mirrors the old alliance with Japan creating WW2. This time, the world is in MORE DANGER since the evil has infected the U.S. and EU from within and the Vatican is saturated with this old evil this time around. A WEF Minion betrayed Donald Trump by inviting the Iranians to the WTO and expecting a new Iran get-Together. Since they became so angry when he refused to play ball by the WEF/CCP/Big Pharma rules…Everyone REBELLED and sabotaged President Trump and the United States. We have watched your senile, treasonous, pedo husk in the Oval and you idiots don’t have ANY chance what so ever to gain ANY TRUST through any kind of ‘wolf crying Terror Monger’ Censor seducing to PARANOIA for the weak-minded secular freaks willing to bow to worship your god of “Climate Changel’.
    This bioweapon was engineered and loosed onto the world to stop Trump and TO INTENTIONALLY sabotage the global society enabling this “Communist Revolution” called ‘Great Reset. It was all a big, fat PLANDEMIC. Thank God you all hurried the plan do deal with Trump. Your ANGER with Trump EXPOSED you before the infrastructure was ready. You socio/psychopaths will NEVER BE TRUSTED AND YOU WILL NEVER TAKE OUR PROPERTY, REAL FOOD, LAND, LIFE, GOD.

  3. There’s a special place in hell for them. We will never forget or forgive, as what they have done can not be forgiven at all.

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