GoldmanSachs Dictatorship lists what unVaxxed can & cannot buy

Commentary and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Sanitary Dictatorship in Italy is becoming as maniacal as it is laughable, with the publication of the list of things which the unDeathVaxxed can and cannot do as of February 1, 2022 A. D.!

Among the lists of things you cannot do are purchase anything but essential foods, when in a supermarket!

But you can still buy all non essential items from (China)! How convenient! (sarcasm)

You will not be permitted to enter a police station, except to report a crime.

You will not be able to file any papers at a Government Office, or request a passport — effectively imprisoning perhaps 5 million Italians in the EU zone.

You will not be allowed to enter the Bank or Post Office, except to receive your pension check.

Italians never observe all laws at all times, still less insane laws. They find a way around them, but now they will have to start bribing the vaxxed on a daily basis.

Does the GoldmansSachs Dictatorship want 6 million Italians to emigrate with their entire pension funds?

We will have to wait and see.

Shop keepers, who are already hard pressed to stay afloat, are certainly not going to keep a client from purchasing anything, so long as the Police are not in the store.

Italians are already skirting the requirements by a novel trick: the shop keeper asks those entering if they have a DeathVaxx Passport. Everyone says, “Yes”.  And the shop keeper does not ask to see the document.

With the police forces reduced by 20% after a fifth of the policemen quit in December to avoid the DeathVaxx Mandate, the Italian police certainly do not have the time to patrol supermarkets.

Nevertheless, the Government seems not wanting to give up, as the Minister of Finance has deposited in the Senate a proposed law to extend the illegal and unconstitutional State of Emergency all the way to December of 2022.

Evidently, the passivity of Italians to allow all manner of outrage be perpetrated against them, is inciting the GoldmanSachs Dictatorship to go for the kill.

Charges against Pope Benedict XVI continue to unravel

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The charges that Pope Benedict XVI, while Archbishop of Munich in 1977-1982, “failed to act” to protect children from pedophiles continues to unravel with each new report.

In that cited from DW Politics, published from Berlin, one finds a recounting of the charge, with scarce details, omitting names, times, and places.

It does, however, specify, for the first time, that not 4 cases, but in two, is the report accusing Pope Benedict XVI of a failure to act.

But is the report doing that?

First, I highly recommend watching the video — (adults only) — of the victim who speaks out, Markus Elstner.  His story is repeated 10s of thousands of times by men and women the world over.  I spoke with a victim in the Diocese or Fall River, USA, more than 20 years ago, who reacted emotionally in the very same manner. These men are scarred for life and have deep seated fear of church buildings and ecclesiastical dress, to name a few — for these things recall to memory the horrors they experienced.

Nevertheless, the DW Politics report, cited above in their official tweets, reveals an important detail of the story: namely that the Law firm charged with the investigation — which has no legal authority in Church or State, and which is not a professional forensic agency of any kind:

“In a total of four cases, we reached a consensus there was a failure to act,” said attorney Martin Pusch, who presented the WSW report.

So the law firm spokesman admits that it there is no prima facie case that Pope Benedict XVI failed to act, because they admit here that they interpreted the documentary evidence AND that they lobbied to reach an agreement.

Who lobbied them? I do not know.

Who was paying them? I do know, as they were hired by Cardinal Marx, who was already publicly faulted for protecting pedophiles.  And Cardinal Marx is the close collaborator of Cardinal Bergoglio, who was exposed in 2018 in Germany as a pedophile protector.

So, if any objective observer without any preconceived notions or prejudices examines what the press is reporting in this case, I think it would not be unjust to say that they have reasonable cause to dismiss it as a smear campaign.

For these reasons:

  1. The reports are failing to mention that Canon Law at the time did not allow an Archbishop to remove a man from the priesthood without intervention from the Holy See.
  2. The reports are failing to mention that Canon Law at the time required that a priest be warned 3x for any misdeed, before he could be punished by being removed from pastoral ministry.
  3. There is no information yet in the press about who know what when.
  4. There is no information yet in the press about what Archbishop Ratzinger could have done.
  5. The press stories are attacking Pope Benedict XVI, not Cardinal Ratzinger.

All these elements constitute a journalistic smear, in the classical sense of creating guilt, where there no moral fault; retroactively imposing categories of law, right, and procedure; presuming the worse; and misrepresenting opinion as fact.  And this all designed to bring down someone’s public reputation.

Berlin is the headquarters of the Prussian Lodge which founded Skull and Bones, which in turn through the CIA put Bergoglio into power, so as to remove an anti-Abortion-Produced-Vaxxer from power in the Vatican.

So, I think one can be very suspicious of motives here.

For more on our coverage of this story, see the reports cited here.

CREDITS: The Featured image is a screenshot of the page at DW containing the linked article.

UPDATE: Two days after this report, details about the 4 charges were published in English language by Gloria.TV, here, which corroborate the opinions and judgements expressed above.

USA: CDC unraveling the Covid Narrative to save the Globalists


Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If we accept the empirical method of modern science, that nothing is to be held to be truth about the natural world, which cannot be repeatedly demonstrated by an experiment, we cannot accept that Virology is a science, since no virus has ever been proven to exist as such, that is, as an infectious, self-reproducing agent.

But if the CDC back tracks and now admits that natural immunity to Covid-19 is better than that given by the Covid-19 vaccines, they are unraveling the narrative which caused many to take these lethal shots.

Click the image above to read the recent news.

And click the image below to compare that with what the CDC said in August of 2021, just 5 months ago:

And that is a start. So those who have been gaslighted into thinking there is a necessity to DeathVaxx themselves or their children, now have less of an excuse to do ahead with suicide and murder.

However, note that the CDC is unraveling the Plandemic Narrative in such a way as to keep you thinking that there was a Pandemic,  there is a Virus, and that you have to protect yourself from it, all of which are keep components of the narrative necessary to keep the Great Reset rolling, even if on other tracks.

ITALY: Minister of Transportation relents to the President of Sicily

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The GoldmanSachs Dictatorship of Mario Draghi (In English: Marius Dragons) has blinked!  That is, they have caved to the demands of the regional governors (know in Italy as presidents) of Sicily and Calabria, and will allow passengers to cross the Straits of Messina without showing the Super DeathVaxx Passport, which can only be obtained by DeathVaxxing yourself.

Now you can pass with a DeathSwab.

It appears that Giorgianni’s video of himself returning to Sicily like an illegal immigrant may have sparked a wave of public outrage, causing the President of the Autonomous Region of Sicily to issue a decree allowing the relaxation of the Draghi Govt. Dictate.

Not much of a victory, but it has shown that the Government is weak and does not want to risk its power-base in Sicily.

This is even better news. For as the Parliament approaches the vote for the next President of the Republic, there is apt to be a fundamental disagreement which causes the Draghi government to collapse.  And that may — and I emphasize, “may” — lead to a lessening of the Plandemic controls.

Bergoglio cancels Lenten Retreat, as his health declines

Commentary and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In recent days, Rorate Caeli’s twitter account has launched the notice that Bergoglio has contracted Pancreatic Cancer. While, FromRome.Info has no confirmation of that from a source in Rome, such would be only confirmed by a rapid loss of weight and yellowing of the skin, according to commentators.  Neither of which is yet evident.

However, news has broken last evening, that Bergoglio has cancelled the Lenten Retreat for the Roman Curia, which is a de rigor event during the season preparing for Easter.

For the full story, in Polish, click the image above.

The Vatican statement, issued last night, asks that the members of the Roman Curia, from March 6-11, make a private retreat, and states that Bergoglio will not give a Wednesday public audience during that period. The reason given is the Plandemic, of course.

However, in truth, this may be a sign that his health has deteriorated to such an extent that it would be difficult to hide from notice, if he attended none or only some of these sessions of prayer and meditation.  Those with pancreatic cancer can succumb to death anywhere from days to months after its detection.

Pope Benedict XVI faked an abdication 3333 days before his birthday, this year, on April 16, 2022, the vigil of Easter.  And all who know this are waiting in anxious anticipation to see if this inexplicable numerical calculation has anything to do with his restoration to power, after the demise, resignation, or death of his rival.

Peter Seewald faults the new attacks against Pope Benedict XVI

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Peter Seewald is the official biographer of Pope Benedict XVI, so it is not surprising that he has spoken out about the recent attack on the Holy Father, engineered by Cardinal Marx and Jorge Bergoglio, regarding how cases of pedophiles were handled in the Archdiocese of Munich, in the 70’s and 80’s.

Pope Benedict XVI was Archbishop of the Diocese from 1977 to 1982.

You can read Bild’s article in German, by clicking the link above, and you may be able to read it in English translation via Google, through this link.

But I will summarize for those who cannot or who cannot read German.

Seewald criticizes the press for repeating unsubstantiated claims in a clear attempt to vilify the Holy Father and cause him to drop dead from their abuse.  He faults journalists for presenting a story without foundation, because Pope Benedict XVI never participated in any decisions to keep that offending priest — there is only one in this case — who abused 4 children, in the Archdiocese of Munich.

So they are trying to blame the Holy Father for not doing something he never did not do.  It’s an artful lie, which those who are predisposed to hate him or the Church, because they love their own sins more than God, can easily accept to soothe their corrupt consciences.

The truth is that the Holy Father was transferred by Pope John Paul II to Rome in February of 1982, before any decisions were made in regard to this priest, who was visiting the diocese to get help from a clinic. In such a position, he began a 40 year crusade against pedophiles in Church ministry. For more on this, click here.

The real story this week, however, is how Jorge Mario Bergoglio consistently covered up for cases of pedophilia in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But the press won’t talk about that because he is advancing their agenda of promoting pedophilia, as recent revelations of sexual perversion at CNN and another major American outlet reveal.

For more on this, see my commentary on the Washington Post article published yesterday.