Bergoglio cancels Lenten Retreat, as his health declines

Commentary and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In recent days, Rorate Caeli’s twitter account has launched the notice that Bergoglio has contracted Pancreatic Cancer. While, FromRome.Info has no confirmation of that from a source in Rome, such would be only confirmed by a rapid loss of weight and yellowing of the skin, according to commentators.  Neither of which is yet evident.

However, news has broken last evening, that Bergoglio has cancelled the Lenten Retreat for the Roman Curia, which is a de rigor event during the season preparing for Easter.

For the full story, in Polish, click the image above.

The Vatican statement, issued last night, asks that the members of the Roman Curia, from March 6-11, make a private retreat, and states that Bergoglio will not give a Wednesday public audience during that period. The reason given is the Plandemic, of course.

However, in truth, this may be a sign that his health has deteriorated to such an extent that it would be difficult to hide from notice, if he attended none or only some of these sessions of prayer and meditation.  Those with pancreatic cancer can succumb to death anywhere from days to months after its detection.

Pope Benedict XVI faked an abdication 3333 days before his birthday, this year, on April 16, 2022, the vigil of Easter.  And all who know this are waiting in anxious anticipation to see if this inexplicable numerical calculation has anything to do with his restoration to power, after the demise, resignation, or death of his rival.

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14 thoughts on “Bergoglio cancels Lenten Retreat, as his health declines”

  1. Forgive me please, I intend no scandal or tawdry tabloid tit-bit, nor, indeed, any lack of concern for the temporal and eternal well-being of the two men nor any sort of curious novelty.

    A pondering came to me recently: will our Divine Lord perhaps call both men to give account within days of one another? So that, ceteris paribus, whom ever emerges from the next conclave WILL be the Bishop of Rome.

    1. TS, First of all, pls forgive my English since it is my second language. As far as I understand, only valid appointed cardinals (appointed by a true Pope) can elect a new Pope after Pope Benedict XVI. Here is the importance for true cardinals (even if a tiny minority) to recognize the true Pope. After that recognition they need to let the faithful know that any appointment given by the usurper is invalid with all the consequences that this brings. I mean, the consequences are already here (bishops need to be appointed by a valid Pope, bishops do not have any authority outside of their appointed diocese, only true bishops can ordain priests, etc.) but many faithful are waiting for high authority in the Church to believe.

      1. You are confusing the sacramental order with the juridical order. Yes, Bishops appointed by Bergoglio have no jurisdiction whatsoever, since he is not the pope, and he and they are excommunicated ipso facto for consecrating bishops without a papal mandate from Pope Benedict. However, the are true bishops sacramentally and those whom they ordain are true priest sacramentally. They just have no authority to govern.

      2. I guess I did not express myself correctly when I grouped the consequences by having an usurper in the chair of Peter. I live in one of those dioceses that have a true bishop but appointed by the usurper. Since this bishop does not have jurisdiction (what I called authority) in this diocese, as I understand he does ordain valid priests, but he cannot grant faculties to the priests in this diocese (to give absolution, to perform confirmations, etc.). Therefore, the men that were ordain in this diocese by this true bishop can consecrate but cannot absolve sins (unless in case of death).
        And the priests that the usurper appointed as bishops are not bishops and therefore cannot ordain a priest. Those false priests cannot perform any priestly duty.
        Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

    2. There is one Catholic prophecy I’m aware of that that states they would both die the same day. I can’t recall which mystic said this but it’s an old French prophecy I believe.

  2. So sorry for suffering Jorge M. Bergoglio as an human being…
    But if He dies before pope Francis, it will fulfill a very old
    prophecy contained in the drawings of Vaticinia Pontificum.

    A Pope kneeling in front of a tree (“De Glorie Olivae” of Saint
    Malachias?) , with a flag in form of an “F” being blessed by a hand from the tree that is shining as if it had the sun behind. While a dog-wolf (a german pastor?) is barking at him,
    closely watching what the Pope does?

    Next Pope: a cardinal with a SWORD, a FISHNET and an
    EIGHT POINTED STAR (Medici’s ?) in his emblem…
    NO, it will be the almost elected O.A.R.M.
    The German pastor will also bark to this second one.

    Giancarlo Rossi ( )

      1. The version in the Archiginnasio in Bologna is one of the
        many drawn versions. The best in my opinion is the one
        present in the KREMSMUENSTER Stiftbibliotheke, OBERAUSTRIEN, that was drawn in 1400 and was examined in the Catholic Council of Costanza.
        I have the PDF of a version printed in Venice in 1590, by
        Hyeronimus Porrum and franciscan brother Gabriele Barrio, called VATICINIA SIVE PROPHETIAE .
        That version is interesting because contains the
        Where you see a Turkish ruler with an INCANDESCENT
        GLOBE in his hand, astonished as if He could not control
        it. (Is real arcaic Turkish language, I have it read by a
        Turkish friend of mine and translated by Google)
        Basing also in Nostradamus quatrains and the
        “Year Number Letter Extraction Method”… I concluded
        VATICAN will be hit by a NUKE, NEUTRON warhead.
        So advanced weapon is actually present in the NATO
        base of INCIRKLIK in TURKEY. Several more powerful
        bombs were evacuated from that base in recent years.
        Giancarlo Rossi

      2. I doubt that Rome will be nuked, because St. Hildegard of Bingen says God Himself will destroy it.

      1. The prophecy of St. Malachy has been studied by scholars and is of the 16th century, not from Saint Malachy. So we should not regard it as prophecy, but rather as a piece written to promote someone to the papacy c. 1580 A. D..

      2. OK about the late publication in the “LIGNUM VITAE”
        by ARNOLDO DE WYON (XVI century). And surely
        there are forgeries and manipulation of texts and images.
        But there are also “very strange coincidences”
        1) “Religio Depopulata”: at the time of P.P. Benedict XV
        (a lot of people abandoned Christendom in Russia,
        Germany and Italy, following Communism, Nazism
        and Fascism. Not counting “Spanish Flu and W. War Ist)
        2) “De Medietate Lunae”: the brief period of P.P. Johannes
        Paulus I, Albino Luciani (albino can recall the light of moon)
        3) “De Labore Solis”: P.P. Johannes Paulus II (Karol Wojtyla)
        was elected pope after a Sun Eclipse and died after a Sun
        Eclipse. He traveled to almost all countries in the World,
        being received as a “SUN” (Pol-Man-Sol of Nostradamus)
        in almost all the countries that He visited.
        4) Next one could be O.A.R.M. -> R.O.M.A. -> “Petrus

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