Charges against Pope Benedict XVI continue to unravel

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The charges that Pope Benedict XVI, while Archbishop of Munich in 1977-1982, “failed to act” to protect children from pedophiles continues to unravel with each new report.

In that cited from DW Politics, published from Berlin, one finds a recounting of the charge, with scarce details, omitting names, times, and places.

It does, however, specify, for the first time, that not 4 cases, but in two, is the report accusing Pope Benedict XVI of a failure to act.

But is the report doing that?

First, I highly recommend watching the video — (adults only) — of the victim who speaks out, Markus Elstner.  His story is repeated 10s of thousands of times by men and women the world over.  I spoke with a victim in the Diocese or Fall River, USA, more than 20 years ago, who reacted emotionally in the very same manner. These men are scarred for life and have deep seated fear of church buildings and ecclesiastical dress, to name a few — for these things recall to memory the horrors they experienced.

Nevertheless, the DW Politics report, cited above in their official tweets, reveals an important detail of the story: namely that the Law firm charged with the investigation — which has no legal authority in Church or State, and which is not a professional forensic agency of any kind:

“In a total of four cases, we reached a consensus there was a failure to act,” said attorney Martin Pusch, who presented the WSW report.

So the law firm spokesman admits that it there is no prima facie case that Pope Benedict XVI failed to act, because they admit here that they interpreted the documentary evidence AND that they lobbied to reach an agreement.

Who lobbied them? I do not know.

Who was paying them? I do know, as they were hired by Cardinal Marx, who was already publicly faulted for protecting pedophiles.  And Cardinal Marx is the close collaborator of Cardinal Bergoglio, who was exposed in 2018 in Germany as a pedophile protector.

So, if any objective observer without any preconceived notions or prejudices examines what the press is reporting in this case, I think it would not be unjust to say that they have reasonable cause to dismiss it as a smear campaign.

For these reasons:

  1. The reports are failing to mention that Canon Law at the time did not allow an Archbishop to remove a man from the priesthood without intervention from the Holy See.
  2. The reports are failing to mention that Canon Law at the time required that a priest be warned 3x for any misdeed, before he could be punished by being removed from pastoral ministry.
  3. There is no information yet in the press about who know what when.
  4. There is no information yet in the press about what Archbishop Ratzinger could have done.
  5. The press stories are attacking Pope Benedict XVI, not Cardinal Ratzinger.

All these elements constitute a journalistic smear, in the classical sense of creating guilt, where there no moral fault; retroactively imposing categories of law, right, and procedure; presuming the worse; and misrepresenting opinion as fact.  And this all designed to bring down someone’s public reputation.

Berlin is the headquarters of the Prussian Lodge which founded Skull and Bones, which in turn through the CIA put Bergoglio into power, so as to remove an anti-Abortion-Produced-Vaxxer from power in the Vatican.

So, I think one can be very suspicious of motives here.

For more on our coverage of this story, see the reports cited here.

CREDITS: The Featured image is a screenshot of the page at DW containing the linked article.

UPDATE: Two days after this report, details about the 4 charges were published in English language by Gloria.TV, here, which corroborate the opinions and judgements expressed above.

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17 thoughts on “Charges against Pope Benedict XVI continue to unravel”

    1. Absolutely…sexual abuse scars in every way imaginable…physical, mental, emotionally, spiritually etc…As Our Lord said it would be better if a millstone be tied around their neck and be cast into the deepest sea….

  1. Now that the scam-demic is coming to the end, together with Bergoglio’s “papacy”, by magic, accusations against BXVI begin to flourish again. Am I the only one that realises that after a almost daily media bombardement against presumed or not pedophilia cases in the Church in the time of JPII and BXVI, all this promptly ceased after the 13 March 2013? Was this propaganda a scam, just like the presumed pandemic? A scam(Covid19) after the scam(Pedophilia in the Church) with a scam within(“pope” Bergoglio)?

    1. That is misdirection. The decision to publish was made by John Paul II. Cardinal Ratzinger had to do what he was commanded.

      1. Please Brother Bugnolo, in the years that CardInal Ratzinger did not publish the third SECRET ?.

        There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, EXCUSE, OR EXPLANATION as to why POPE BENEDICT XVI did not publish the third secret. Pope Benedict disobeyed THE MOTHER OF GOD.

  2. Will GOD will once again establish and place Pope Benedict XVI in his rightful position as the ONE AND ONLY TRUE VICAR OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH ?

    The father of all lies who is a liar and a murderer from the beginning is satan. His followers [a.k.a. satan’s children] are the minions who are carrying out this evil plot and plan in order to further prevent POPE BENEDICT XVI from his rightful throne.

    BECAUSE satan along with his minions in high places knows that if Pope Benedict takes his rightful throne, then the next canonically elected true pope will come from the line of POPE BENEDICT XVI, and this means that GOD has intervened to establish HIS ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC VICAR.

    The TRUTH is that satan knows and fully believes the ways, the truth, and the life of JESUS CHRIST more than most all human beings, but satan hates GOD and all human beings created by GOD in HIS OWN IMAGE [and this includes his own chosen minions]. satan believes in GOD that much, and he does his work of ‘’educating’’ his minions and using them to carry out all manner of evil on his behalf……. in the ways against GOD and his children.

    On behalf of the plan of satan, the minions removed the TRUE POPE BENEDICT XVI and replaced him with the chosen one of satan who is jorge bergoglio. Now, with GOD who is the author of life and death for every body and soul that HE CREATED, bergoglio is about to be removed by GOD’S HOLY WILL. PRAISE GOD.

    satan believes everything that GOD has revealed and he knows what is inevitable when GOD acts to restore TRUE POPE BENEDICT XVI.

    POPE BENEDICT XVI or the next TRUE POPE in his line will obey GOD’S COMMAND TO CONSECRATE RUSSIA to THE IMMACULATE HEART of MARY, and therefore the hoped for and promised TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART of MARY will be established by GOD.

    Everything will be established according to GOD’S PLAN which is that the TRUE CHURCH will be restored, GOD’S TRUE VICAR will reign throughout the world, THE TRUE CATHOLIC FAITH will flourish and thrive in the hearts and minds of all human beings. GOD’S WAYS through HIS TRUE VICAR and TRUE CHURCH will CRUSH crush the present worldwide ways of lies and murders. THE TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART of MARY will be established to rightfully honor the MOTHER OF GOD and OUR MOTHER.
    The evil ways of satan and his children will be abolished on earth for a period of time of true peace.

    This means that satan and his minions will be defeated once again. satan and his minions know this. However, the minions will fight viciously in every way in which their father satan directs their war against GOD and GOD’S children. BUT THEY WILL FAIL as GOD HAS REVEALED TO those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    The war is now heating up, and it will be increasingly uglier because satan knows and believes that this is the PLAN OF GOD, and it is at hand.




  3. Editor
    January 21, 2022 at 5:21 pm
    ”Yes, there is: when he read it, he knew that it was his job to fulfil it.”

    We believe what you say because it through our sensus Catholicus and GOD provided us with light to understand what you stated in your response.

    In other words, throughout salvation history, whatever happens is either GOD’S ORDAINED HOLY WILL or is ALLOWED BY GOD in order to bring about the greater good.

    In our daily HOLY ROSARY, we always pray this- ”Please GOD, LEAD us, GUIDE us, every step, moment , and breath to know and to do YOUR WILL.”

    GOD’S PERFECT WILL, PERFECT WISDOM, PERFECT TIMING, and PERFECT WAY is ALWAYS CARRIED OUT, and we have come to understand and experience this many times since we decided to FULLY rely on HIM and our BLESSED MOTHER.


    Thank GOD for the light HE gave us once again with your help.

    Thank you, Brother Bugnolo. Your response was the seed that GOD watered and grew so that we would understand what you stated because we desire greatly the TRUTH, and GOD’S TRUTH is what matters to us most of all.

    We can see that GOD and HIS TRUTH is what motivates you;
    and we also know that GOD is blessing you to awaken many other souls who have been battered, wearied, and who also seek the TRUTH of GOD.


  4. There is a worldwide plan going on. The plandemic is losing ground, but at the same time we see attacks on key figures through sexual accusations.
    Don’t get me wrong: violence and abuse are abominable and I do not want, nor can, judge the merits of the allegations – many of them will be unfortunately founded. But timing cannot go be unnoticed. It is a destabilization campaign against all values and reference points conducted through the key figures of our society. All pulled out at the very same moment… against Catholicism, the political order, the principles of human rights … Impossible not to see a tactical plan as well as the BLM or climate terror. Be aware!

  5. Here is just one example [see video linked below] of the message of FATIMA that ”the Holy Father will have much to suffer”.

    Shocking: Catholic [GERMAN] Cardinals and Bishops refuse to shake hands with Benedict XVI

    Following here is but a brief part of the message[s] FROM OUR LADY OF FATIMA.

    The BLESSED VIRGIN MARY OF FATIMA told us that God had chosen to use Russia as the instrument of chastisement to punish the whole world if we did not do our part, by our obedience, prayers [ especially the daily ROSARY] , and sacrifices.

    AND the POPE IN UNION WITH THE BISHOPS of the whole world are required by GOD to carry out the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY in complete obedience in order to obtain the conversion of Russia to the Catholic faith.

    Our MOTHER MARY promised us, “If My requests are granted Russia will be converted and there will be peace.” But She also warned us, “If My requests are not granted, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world raising up wars and persecutions against the Church, the good will be martyred,

    the Holy Father will have much to suffer,

    and various nations will be annihilated.”

    In addition, the MOTHER OF GOD further provided the hope and promise that the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA will be done, HER IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH, and the entire world will be given a period of peace, and many other beautiful revelations in the period of peace which will come in GOD’S PLAN.

    However, Our Lady also made it known that the CONSECRATION will be late. This is our sorrowful story as it continues to unfold in our present times as the result of the evil consequences of disobedience to GOD and HIS PLAN.

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