GoldmanSachs Dictatorship lists what unVaxxed can & cannot buy

Commentary and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Sanitary Dictatorship in Italy is becoming as maniacal as it is laughable, with the publication of the list of things which the unDeathVaxxed can and cannot do as of February 1, 2022 A. D.!

Among the lists of things you cannot do are purchase anything but essential foods, when in a supermarket!

But you can still buy all non essential items from (China)! How convenient! (sarcasm)

You will not be permitted to enter a police station, except to report a crime.

You will not be able to file any papers at a Government Office, or request a passport — effectively imprisoning perhaps 5 million Italians in the EU zone.

You will not be allowed to enter the Bank or Post Office, except to receive your pension check.

Italians never observe all laws at all times, still less insane laws. They find a way around them, but now they will have to start bribing the vaxxed on a daily basis.

Does the GoldmansSachs Dictatorship want 6 million Italians to emigrate with their entire pension funds?

We will have to wait and see.

Shop keepers, who are already hard pressed to stay afloat, are certainly not going to keep a client from purchasing anything, so long as the Police are not in the store.

Italians are already skirting the requirements by a novel trick: the shop keeper asks those entering if they have a DeathVaxx Passport. Everyone says, “Yes”.  And the shop keeper does not ask to see the document.

With the police forces reduced by 20% after a fifth of the policemen quit in December to avoid the DeathVaxx Mandate, the Italian police certainly do not have the time to patrol supermarkets.

Nevertheless, the Government seems not wanting to give up, as the Minister of Finance has deposited in the Senate a proposed law to extend the illegal and unconstitutional State of Emergency all the way to December of 2022.

Evidently, the passivity of Italians to allow all manner of outrage be perpetrated against them, is inciting the GoldmanSachs Dictatorship to go for the kill.

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7 thoughts on “GoldmanSachs Dictatorship lists what unVaxxed can & cannot buy”

  1. Dear Br. Brugnolo, the Italian newspapers such as the Berlusconi leaning “LiberoQuotdiano” directed by Berlusconi’s lackey, Alessandro Sallusti, is reporting that independent of how the parliamentary election for the new President of the Republic goes, Marius Dragons will be stepping down in any case. Yes, the entire demonic House of Cards is beginning to crumble under the weight of Divine Truth.

  2. The obligation of injection passports in order to visit the haircutter is to ensure that the unvaxxed will be easily recognizable everywhere they go as dirty and unkempt, with home-cut hair or shaggy long hair for a man- in order to further isolate them visually as dirty, destitute undesirables of society. Unvaxxinated will appear poor and shameful at best rebellious/alcoholic at worst, as well as those slovenly children trailing behind you in the store which you are forbidden from buying even a toy at-

    Social caste system/social shaming begins visually as sure as wearing a yellow star.

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