Peter Seewald faults the new attacks against Pope Benedict XVI

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Peter Seewald is the official biographer of Pope Benedict XVI, so it is not surprising that he has spoken out about the recent attack on the Holy Father, engineered by Cardinal Marx and Jorge Bergoglio, regarding how cases of pedophiles were handled in the Archdiocese of Munich, in the 70’s and 80’s.

Pope Benedict XVI was Archbishop of the Diocese from 1977 to 1982.

You can read Bild’s article in German, by clicking the link above, and you may be able to read it in English translation via Google, through this link.

But I will summarize for those who cannot or who cannot read German.

Seewald criticizes the press for repeating unsubstantiated claims in a clear attempt to vilify the Holy Father and cause him to drop dead from their abuse.  He faults journalists for presenting a story without foundation, because Pope Benedict XVI never participated in any decisions to keep that offending priest — there is only one in this case — who abused 4 children, in the Archdiocese of Munich.

So they are trying to blame the Holy Father for not doing something he never did not do.  It’s an artful lie, which those who are predisposed to hate him or the Church, because they love their own sins more than God, can easily accept to soothe their corrupt consciences.

The truth is that the Holy Father was transferred by Pope John Paul II to Rome in February of 1982, before any decisions were made in regard to this priest, who was visiting the diocese to get help from a clinic. In such a position, he began a 40 year crusade against pedophiles in Church ministry. For more on this, click here.

The real story this week, however, is how Jorge Mario Bergoglio consistently covered up for cases of pedophilia in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But the press won’t talk about that because he is advancing their agenda of promoting pedophilia, as recent revelations of sexual perversion at CNN and another major American outlet reveal.

For more on this, see my commentary on the Washington Post article published yesterday.



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7 thoughts on “Peter Seewald faults the new attacks against Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. Considering verified reports concerning Bergoglio on ‘the take’ to the tune of billions EVERY YEAR from the CCP televised through Michael Voris’ St. Michael’s Media “Church Militant”; is absolutely LOGICAL to attack the real Pope to remove any possibility for him to resume his true position to stabilize our reeling Church after all the heresy and apostacy and support of practicing homosexual Priests/Predators, and those covering it up.

    Devil ALWAYS attacks when machinations are exposed…Evil always over-plays its hand. It’s the one thing to count on. Hopefully, the Rosaries, fasting, sacrifice and OBEDIENCE to the LORD will provide the strength and blindness to the demons to EXPOSE the fake Catholics perpetrating these Crimes Against Humanity.

    1. I do not yet give credence to the rumour that the Chinese CCP has paid Bergoglio billions, simply because I think the CCP is too cheep to offer so much.

  2. So… the freemasonic fag mafia with its apparent stranglehold on Christ’s Holy Priesthood, which was being ousted and exposed like never before under B16 now projects their own sins back in time on the only man who successfully fought them? Meanwhile their “hero”anti-pope is given every pass for promoting fags and faggotry always and everywhere. Just more gaslighting from the devil and it’s minions.

  3. I’m guilty for not praying hard enough for him (B16), so he wouldn’t flee for fear of the wolves. We should do so now.

  4. If someone wanted to write to Pope Benedict, might it be a good idea to send the letter care of Peter Seewald? How could we do that?

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