UK: Attorney Anna de Buisseret on prosecuting the Greatest Crime against Humanity

Editor’s Note: If anyone can find a copy of this notice of liability in PDF, I will publish it here.

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23 thoughts on “UK: Attorney Anna de Buisseret on prosecuting the Greatest Crime against Humanity”

  1. Exactly what is the plan when the powers controlling the west decide to pull a CCP on the population as has happened in Australia already and in Canada to a lesser extent, in Amsterdam, Austria, France, Rome, etc. Better have a plan in place for this eventuality. There must be a centralized PLAN and authority for ‘Citizen Patriots’ to fight this fight.

    The Globalist NWO/CCP/Vatican/Corporatist Nazi Technocrat Cabal is serious and they will not discontinue based upon any “Law and Order” western oriented country. Going to require more than words and lawsuits.

    1. I too, wish to know the answer to that because I feel I am about to break a couple of the Ten Commandments, which by the way are the only laws we really need…

  2. When they get served they will unfortunately laugh and put it aside…….there is no one to enforce it, or arrest them. It very nice work but not enforcable I think. They do not care about the Law. What do you think??

    1. If they don’t care about the law then neither do I but I fear I will be breaking one of the ten as a result … forgive me

    1. The whole parallel structure movement is a diversionary tactic of socialists to keep the people from rebelling and really solving the problems of the world.

      1. Yes I believe this is the case too. Why should anyone who has not committed a crime have to start all over again from scratch and leave behind everything they have contributed to creating for the power hungry psychopaths to have?

        The only realistic solution is to fight for what is right within the existing system. Only this way can there be a viable future for everyone.

  3. Where there is risk ,there must be choice.
    LATEST VAERS COVID VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT DATA THROUGH AUG 8, 2021 571,830 Total Reports of adverse effects* * note: Only between 1-10% of adverse events are reported in VAERS  BROKEN DOWN BY AGE ——————————– 0 – 17 YEARS OLD: ▪︎21 Deaths ▪︎200 Life Threating ▪︎71 Permanently Disabled 18 – 29 YEARS OLD: ▪︎108 Deaths ▪︎726 Life Threating ▪︎919 Permanently Disabled 30 – 49 YEARS OLD ▪︎447 Deaths ▪︎2,565 Life Threating ▪︎3,395 Permanently Disabled 50 – 64 YEARS OLD ▪︎1,141 Deaths ▪︎2,676 Life Threating ▪︎3,015 Permanently Disabled 65 + YEARS OLD ▪︎6,203 Deaths ▪︎3,599 Life Threating ▪︎2,923 Permanently Disabled UNKNOWN AGE ▪︎4,872 Deaths ▪︎3,373 Life Threating ▪︎5,721 Permanently Disabled ——————————– TOTAL EVENTS: ▪︎DEATHS: 12,791 ▪︎LIFE THREATENING: 13,140 ▪︎PERMANENTLY DISABLED: 16,044 ▪︎HOSPITALIZATIONS: 51,242 ▪︎ANAPHYLAXIS: 5,282 ▪︎BELL’S PALSY: 4,461 ▪︎MISCARRIAGES: 1,505 ▪︎HEART ATTACKS: 5,590 ▪︎SEVERE ALLERGY: 24,305 ▪︎SHINGLES: 6,784

  4. I would agree that the law is unenforceable! The biggest problem is US! We have forgotten God, and do not follow his laws, and now the chastisement is here, and only growing. If only the sheep wake up, pray, and rise up against their lawless government, then we can have true change.

  5. I disagree that this is unenforceable. If the authorities try to brush this aside it will be totally transparent they have no intention of following the law.

    Although we already know this is the case, it will be the final warning they will receive before facing a total break down of their power. More and more people will be made aware that there is no reason to abide by any rule masquerading as a ‘law’ when those making the rules are not following them themselves.

    There are many options open to people to bring down their tyrannous governments: total non payment of all taxes and fines to the government, multiple protests creating gridlock in cities and towns all over the country and outside individual politicians homes, citizens arrests of individual politicians, massive industrial action so that the economy and day to day running of the country is paralyzed, simple non compliance with diktats such as masks, covid passports etc, entering public areas in large enough groups while non complying so as to make it difficult for the police to handle the situation, arrest of corrupt judges in courtrooms while prosecutions of those exercising their sovereign rights are taking place, arresting police who try to stop the citizens arrests etc etc. There are many more actions possible and too numerous to mention but all being within the rule of law.

    Sure things could descend into anarchy for some time but maybe this needs to happen to end the current tyranny. It would only take around 5% of a population to make this concentrated effort for the authorities and their global overlords to take it seriously. The last thing they would want is for the movement to gain momentum, which it would, leading to them being dragged from power. They could not count on all police, military and medical staff to side with them because these people are also facing the system turning against them in the mandatory death jabs being forced on them. I think we are already seeing the beginning of the end with some of the globalists realizing the game is up and their bailing out of it while they still can.

  6. In order to maintain the moral high ground, it is necessary to exhaust all legal remedies.

    Our social compact is based on laws.

    If we simply abandon this social compact because of the atrocities committed, we weaken our bonds to one another. Also, we’re no better than them.

    Once it is clear that legal recourse is futile (and this is recorded), all options are on the table. The perpetrators can’t say they weren’t warned.

    So, lynchings can begin.

    Future generations will ask why the reprisals were so merciless. The record will show that it was because legal remedies were exhausted.

  7. Thank you for watching my message and taking the time to consider the possible reactions and effects of the legal strategies we are employing here in the UK.

    I am finding your feedback and ideas, comments and analysis very helpful 🙂

    The main point to note: We the People have ALREADY conducted the investigation on behalf of the police and security agencies – BEFORE we had served legal proceedings, notices of liability etc.

    Lawyers do not go on the public record alleging grave crimes are/have been/will continue to be committed – without having already carried out their due diligence and concluded that the evidence base PROVES – beyond reasonable doubt- that such crimes are proven.

    So there is nowhere to hide now : the evidence IS the evidence!

    So the UK people are inviting anyone from across the world – to submit their evidence to the London Metropolitan Police force under the crime reference issued for :

    1. Gross negligence manslaughter; and

    2. Misconduct in public office.

    Please also report such crimes to your local police whilst copying it into the London live criminal investigation into the “Covid -19 vaccines”.

    The strategy includes doing an “evidence DUMP” onto the police – both in the UK and in every country.

    We’ve arranged for a “Mass evidence dump” on 02.02.22.

    Please spread the word 🙂

    I’ll add the crime reference here.

    You can also obtain copies of the Notices of Liability by emailing me at:

    Thank you 🙏🙏👍

  8. From one of our UK teams:

    If you are part of a team in the UK who are serving notices and paperwork to police/ jab centres – OR you are an individual who would like to help – We are looking to put teams together all over the UK to assist people who have been damaged by these vaccines, to report their injuries to the police. If you are willing to help please state your town and area ONLY – If you would prefer to contact us in private please email
    Thank you 🙏“

  9. Live criminal investigation into “Covid-19 vaccines” being run by the Metropolitan Police, London, UK under crime ref:


    Please submit your evidence bundles to the Met police to assist them in their investigations.

    Many thanks 🙏

    Anna de Buisseret

    1. It’s an esteemed honor, to have you comment here, Attorney de Buisserat! thank you for the additional information….

      1. This has given many people hope… and yes I too feel honored to see those words from Anna…
        For those who are not vaxxed there is a group of citizens who have started a group called Vaccine Control Group…
        I’m still looking into it and it’s legitimacy as I’m sure you can understand I have lost trust in people. It’s based in the UK and one of the cofounders is a woman called Diny Fielder-van Kleeff and there is an interview on if you’re interested… please let us know if you find anything untoward…

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