USA: CDC unraveling the Covid Narrative to save the Globalists


Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If we accept the empirical method of modern science, that nothing is to be held to be truth about the natural world, which cannot be repeatedly demonstrated by an experiment, we cannot accept that Virology is a science, since no virus has ever been proven to exist as such, that is, as an infectious, self-reproducing agent.

But if the CDC back tracks and now admits that natural immunity to Covid-19 is better than that given by the Covid-19 vaccines, they are unraveling the narrative which caused many to take these lethal shots.

Click the image above to read the recent news.

And click the image below to compare that with what the CDC said in August of 2021, just 5 months ago:

And that is a start. So those who have been gaslighted into thinking there is a necessity to DeathVaxx themselves or their children, now have less of an excuse to do ahead with suicide and murder.

However, note that the CDC is unraveling the Plandemic Narrative in such a way as to keep you thinking that there was a Pandemic,  there is a Virus, and that you have to protect yourself from it, all of which are keep components of the narrative necessary to keep the Great Reset rolling, even if on other tracks.

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2 thoughts on “USA: CDC unraveling the Covid Narrative to save the Globalists”

  1. The Powers That Be have wargamed it all out and know their next move; we don’t. They have foreseen a few scenarios on how we can react and resist each step of the way, and have contingency plans for all of it. Relaxing restrictions then re-tightening them seems to be part of the pattern. The mid-level authorities (medical, law enforcement, media, etc.) are themselves brainwashed and honestly think they are doing good for all of us by enforcing the masks, lockdowns, vaxxx mandates, and passes. I don’t see very many people actively resisting around where I am, and a tiny protest of 75 people in a city of a million only shows the authorities that resistance is essentially non-existent. We’re going full Soviet remarkably quickly. Short of divine intervention, I don’t see this ending. But then, divine intervention is probably the only scenario they didn’t foresee in their wargaming! Hence, praying for divine intervention seems like a good strategy.

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