3 thoughts on “Exposé of Australian Concentration Camp systems”

  1. The corrupt lying Australian government tyrants dictators have been cooking the covid books. They the Australian government bureau of statistics were instructed by the totally corrupt WHO to inflate the covid figures they want robust figures and they were instructed how to do it, this was on the ABS website.

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    This is what has been and is going on with the totalitarian regime aka state and federal governments of Australia.

    The entire Australian vaccination policy is totally corrupted with massive systemic and extensive conflicts of interest everywhere including the deeply conflicted mainstream media empires with huge ownership by the Murdoch media empires and their extensive interests.

    There is and has never been any independent body to stop these criminal tyrants. The whole system is totally corrupted.

    They should all be charged with gross violations of Nuremberg principles/Nuremberg code for the tyrannical crimes against innocent populations.

    Unvaccinated lockdown in NT extended for Alice Springs, remote communities restricted – TOTT News


    Everyone everywhere in our world please watch this video and rise up United against these totalitarian regimes that have destroyed our lives and our countries and our democracies and all our Civil rights and human rights and medical rights and freedoms so lets go and put a dagger through the totalitarian beasts..

    The Center for research on globalization by Professor Michel Chossudovsky

    The Agenda is to Vaccinate 7.9 BILLION People WorldWide; This is a Political Agenda-2019 COV Novella By POWERFUL Financial Interests (British Empire-Bill Gates & Fauci Are Members)

    DECEMBER 12, 2021


  2. Lukashenko: “The international scammers should finally end the pandemic”

    January 21, 2022

    Belarusian President Lukashenko has made a public statement on Covid-19 that would be unthinkable in the West: “One should not worry” about Covid-19 and the “organizers of the pandemic” should finally end the pandemic.

    Anti-Spiegel (Google Translation) – It is well known that President Lukashenko is one of the few heads of state who has not introduced any corona restrictions in his country. Lukashenko himself has contracted Covid-19 twice, but continues to demonstratively visit the corona wards in Belarusian hospitals without a mask and gloves. At the beginning of the pandemic, he indignantly rejected a payment of $900 million offered by the IMF in return for a lockdown in his country .


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