Frank Walker: It’s Time the College of Cardinals gives us a Catholic as pope

Editor’s Note: As Bergoglio’s death is expected world wide, various Catholic personalities are speaking out about the coming changes in the Vatican. Frank Walter is the editor of

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6 thoughts on “Frank Walker: It’s Time the College of Cardinals gives us a Catholic as pope”

  1. We do not need a new pope, we have one who never abandoned the munus, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

    1. A new “conservative” Pope (such as Vigano), chosen by ascendent “conservative” Cardinals, sitting alongside the reigning Pope Benedict XVI, would be a disaster because it make those responsible for preserving Sacred Tradition complicit in its destruction by deforming the Cornerstone, Rock, Papacy and making it into a human invention never intended by its Author, Jesus Christ our Lord.

      I want right reality restored centered around a restoration of the Papacy, starting with recognizing the crime that separated the true Pope from his proper authority and visible reign. Pope Benedict is reigning Pope and has always been so, even though his Ministerium, his Bishopric of Rome, the Seat of Peter, has been usurped. This is the mother of all heresy. And it is ongoing because it remains active, accepted, unaddressed.

      Locate, excise and destroy that cancer before talk of moving on to our favored candidates.

      As to the idea we can gain with a “conservative” Pope by ascendant “conservative” Cardinals – we are all Catholics and there are no further labels necessary. We are *by definition* , ALL OF US, Trads, conservatives, orthodox, apostolic … in a word – CATHOLIC.

  2. Long live Pope Benedict XVI!
    May Our Great High Priest, Our Lord and Savior, Our King and God, Jesus Christ, through the Most Powerful Intercession of our Morher and Queen, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and through all Holy Angels and Saints, Give our Holy Father the strength, wisdom and love of St. Peter, St. Paul, St. John and all the Apostles, to lead, guide and direct us, his children of Holy Mother Church into the Triumphant Kingdom! Fiat!

  3. hi Br

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    would you raise this with Dr Zelenko and others when you next meet? perhaps, what about a permanent ‘anchor’ article in situ on your site on this potential treatment?

    Importance of glutathione in the redox balance for graphene oxide biodegradation
    JANUARY 22, 2022

    Mario Blitzman (La Bitácora): Do you have any idea if glutathione helps remove this graphene? Because there’s an article out now in PubMed saying that they did do a study, right? And that it helped with the graphene oxide removal. Do you know anything?

    Ricardo Delgado: Yes, of course. We were for some time talking about a possible treatment to degrade the actual causative agent of what has been called COVID-19 disease. Since it’s precisely graphene that generates it…….

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