Schwab: the WEF issued the 1972 Club of Rome Depopulation Plan
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6 thoughts on “Schwab: the WEF issued the 1972 Club of Rome Depopulation Plan”

  1. The nazi Klaus is trying to build the fourth empire, or what he calls “The fourth industrial revolution”.
    The nazis tried to build the third reich. Now it is time for number four, I guess.

    God bless

    1. 100% agree … think about dehumanizing people enough to eat bugs as a new protein source … when will the average people turn to the new protein source the WEF, academic types, politicans, etc???
      Klaus schwab is a terrorist as the whole WEF that deserves Neremburg 2.0 for their crimes.

  2. Klaus Schwab is a terrorist. Nobody asked him. He needs to take a seat & GTFOH cuz self-crowned deciders of all things for all people are not welcome here. He’s got a gargantuan God complex & he’s a genocidal maniac who needs to be put in his place & fast. Every jacka$$ in the world will be in the same place at the same time in Davos Monday – Thursday. They need to be dealt with. The audacity to think they have any business / right / or authority to dictate squat to us showcases their colossal arrogance.

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